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tunisia in april with baby

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i will be going to Hammamet next april (2013) with my son who will be 22 months then - i am concerned that it wont be hot enough for the sea/pool to be our days activities in fact i think it will be too cold to do either? what can i do with my son ie trips/activities? wold love some recommendations!
thanks so much!


  • Hi Ortal,
    April is spring time in Tunisia and generally considered a nice time to visit as summer can get uncomfortably hot. You should get weather warm enough for a little pool and beach time. It can be as hot as 28°C in spring. And there are wild flowers blooming which makes it a particularly pretty time to visit. Have a look at this Tunisia Travel Guide for some inspiration.
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    For Tunisian, it's hard to swim in april lol, but for europeans, they may swim in such degrees
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    thanks for answering!
    other than the wildlife park are there are any good day trips/ activities that would be particularly child friendly? is there a playground in hammamet?
    thank you!
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    there is carthage land,
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    Ortal - welcome to Tunisia and I hope you have a great vacation with us. There are lots of things to see and do around Hammamet but you don't say how long you will be with us. As Houssem has told you it isn't swimming weather for us but tourists find the weather nice and sunny and the Med is not so cold at that time of the year. Carthageland is a good idea for a very young child and there are quite a few parks around the area. But of course ,ost of the sites are historic or geographical which will not be suitable for a toddler. The resort hotels usually have animation for the children of all ages with games and such and also so,e have play grounds and shallow wading pools which he will love:
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    thanks everyone and lesley!
    we will be with you for 10 days!

    do you know which hotels might let us use the kids facilities / indoor pool for a fee as we are renting a villa!?

    when you say park, do you mean a playground?

    thanks again!
  • Tunisians are easy going people and love kids. Carthageland is now open and open air theatre soon to be open in the Medina.I didn't find the coffee great but fizzy drinks can be bought at the supermarkets, very cheaply. Walk with a bag of cat food if you are a cat lover as there are many strays which I fed when I was there. A bag of food cost me over £7 and the hotel didnt mind me feeding the cats on the beach. Fresh water should also be given to them
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