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Dual Nationality SA/UK

edited September 2012 in - South Africa
Plse advise procedure re dual nationality in the UK.I am a South African/permanent residence in UK. I have Retention of South African Citizenship.Do I have to do the Life in the UK test as I have lived in the UK for the past 9 years?What forms do I need to complete for dual nationality?Do I have to apply for Dual Nationality first before I apply for a British Pasport?


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    I cannot see the reason for penalizing some one who was born, rared and still a South African by heart but who has voluntary applied for the citizenship of another country and has not received PERMISSION to do so!
    Attaining citizen ship of another country shouldn't be seen as a crime> For myself personally, attaining any other citizenship is merely tool to make it easier for one to be able work or engage with the immediate community and surrounding environment!
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