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easiest way for an american woman to bring her fiance to the US

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I've seen a lot of people from other countries asking about the best way to marry their Tunisian fiance. I'm American and my fiance lives in Tunisia we haven't met yet in person but we're very close and in love. We talk everyday on Skype and I've met his family. I've been planning a trip to see him for next year but I'm wondering if it would be easier and less expensive than a trip to Tunisia to request a fiance visa. Do I need to meet him first in person before the US will honor the validity of our engagement ? I don't know anything about the process and I can not afford a lawyer! I don't know what I need to do to get things started please I need help!


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    Hi, we sound just alike.I to am engaged to an Tunisian man, we met on line and talk on Skype every day as.well and have met his mother, two of his brothers.Spoken to them as well. We are very close and have fallen in love. I am trying to get him here. I went on linen to Immigration web siege.Starting reading a lit. Found out you can file a fiancee visa. On this web site is everything you need to know along with instructions on what and how to file.It is a lot of reading and preparation of the papers. But it is better than paying a lawyer.If you would like to talk more contact my via Good luck.
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    I have a South African passport..My fiance have to work for 1 year in Trinidad..Do I need a Visa ?
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