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schengen visa

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I am on tier 1 visa in UK and my wife is on dependent visa on me.we both want to apply for schengen visa. We planned 8 days trip in EEA countries (1.France 2. Spain. 3. Holland. And then come back UK)I have few questions in my mind.

1.what kind of visa category we need? We need single trip visa or multi entry visa.
2.How much bank statement balance we need to show? For how many months?How much it will be for individual?
3. Can we show joint bank statement for both of us?
4. Can we both apply for visa application together or separate?
5.I have travel insurance from my bank, can i show this one for my wife aswell?


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    Hello Mac, I think this website can help you on finding the best visa that you need for UK. If I can remember it correctly their webpage is here ( Just click UK button. I hope this reply of mine can help you and your family.
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    Hi Mac,

    Visa requirements depend totally on what country you're from, regardless of your UK visa. Without that it's hard to say what you'll need. Your best bet is to contact the French embassy or consulate nearest you (here's the French embassy website for the UK). They'll be able to help you find the right forms.
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    @leonel & anya, Thanks very much for ur help. i got useful information from ur links.
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