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Zanzibar holiday info

edited October 2012 in - East Africa
A friend of mine and me are thinking of going to Zanzibar beginning of November, wanted to know the following things,
1) Do I need a visa
2) is it safe
3) apart from lounging around a beach, is there much to do there,
4) how far from Tanzania is the flight to zanzibar?
5) anything else that anyone can shed light on - would love to trek around too


  • hi pd_design,

    Here is some information that will be helpful.
    1) The visa depends on what country you come from
    2) Zanzibar is generally safe
    3) You can engange in excursions and treks as well.
    4) Zanzibar is quite close to Tanziania, between 45 minutes and 1 and a half hours,depending on which part of Tanzania you are coming from.

    It is wise to get in touch with a tour operator to make your travel much smoother because they are on the ground and will always have your back whenever you need help.
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    Hi there,
    Here's an overview of Visa and Passport Requirements for Tanzania that you may find useful. There is plenty to do apart from beach lounging (although the beaches are wonderful!) and here are some of the highlights: Attractions in Zanzibar.
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    Thank you so much, really appreciate it x
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