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Gibraltar Visa - is it part of the UK?

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Hi. I'm touring Spain in June and will be doing a quick visit to Gibraltar. I am aware that I need a multi-entry visa for Spain (Schengen), but do I need a visa for Gibraltar. There is a new policies that South African citizens (pasport holders) require a visa to travel to the UK, where it was previously not necessary. Is this also applicable for Gibraltar, or can I travel with only my passport?


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    Yes you will need a visa. I am currently in Spain and have a multi-entry visa so I do go in and out of Gibraltar. While I was over here they changed it that all SA's need a visa to visit the UK (this includes Gibraltar) but I have a entry stamp in my passport so I am given a 'grace' period up to mid June this year. They have checked my passport for this stamp as I pass from Spain to Gibraltar. IF YOU HAVE AN 'ENTRY' STAMP INTO THE UK OR GIBRALTAR IN YOUR CURRENT PASSPORT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TRAVEL TO BOTH UK AND GIBRALTAR UNDER THIS GRACE PERIOD UNTIL MID JUNE THIS YEAR
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    Thanx. I've contacted the UK Embassy and they confirmed that with my stamp I will be able to enter untill 30 June 2009. After that you will need a visa to enter Gibraltar or the UK, irrespective of any previous entry (stamps).
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    Hi There,

    Hope you are well. My Mother has an UK visit Visa Valid for 2 years and Indian Passport. She is currently with me over here in UK. I would like to take her touring to Gibraltar. I am sure it’s not the usual procedure but what is best possible way we can apply for her the schengen visa from UK ??
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    It is important to note that Gibraltar is under British jurisdiction and is not part of the EU (Schengen). For Gibraltar your mother and you will need the UK visa that you currently have. You will most likely travel through Spain to get there and for this transit you will need a Schengen visa. The easiest way to obtain this, is through your nearest Spanish Embassy. If you will be visiting other EU (Schengen) countries, remember that the Schengen visa needs to obtain from the country that you will be visiting the longest. In the case of equal stay, you need to obtain it from the country that you will be entering first.
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    but as i said my mother is over here in uk with me do what would be the best possible way to get her visa ? Some say I HAVE to apply from home country but she is here in UK on Visit visa so how is that possible ?
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    She already has the visa for Gibraltar and for the Schengen one, you can go to any Spanish Embassy in the UK, even if you have a non-UK passport.
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    Thanks Heineken, But i am really not understanding this. My Mother is from India. she has got indian passport. she has got UK visit visa for 2 years. we would like to go to Gibraltar.

    1. Does she or us need visa for Gibraltar ? If yes how to acquire from UK ? If No why ?

    2. Also the rule is if the she cannot stay more than 180 days at a strech in UK she has to go somewhere outside Uk and come back for another 180 days. So this way i will be able to take her outside UK and will be able to get her ext of stay in UK as well. you know what I mean. What are places I can go in Europe with her which does not require to apply visa from India.??

    I would appreacite if you can help me with this. you have been a realy great help so far.

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    Hi Khusroo

    1. Gibraltar is part of the UK, and your mother has got a visa for the UK, therefore you can go there today if you like.
    2. To get to Gibraltar, you will travel through Spain, leaving the UK, going into the Schengen (European Union) and going back into the UK (Gibraltar). Remember to get a multi entry Schengen visa (at the Spanish embassy in eg London) to be able to exit Gibraltar and go back into the Schengen (EU).
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    Thanks for the prompt reply. I have understood the first point however the second point i am having diffculty with..

    * To get to Gibraltar I have to go through spain and for that she need to get Schengen Visa..Right..Now my question is.. Is she eligible to apply for Schengen visa from UK or she has to apply from India.. if she has to apply from India..Is there any place in Europe she can go and come back to UK ??? Sorry I am just trying to keep her here for 2 years of her I need help..
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    She can go to the Spanish Embassy in the UK where she is currently staying and apply for the visa with an Indian passport. There is no need to go through the Spanish Embassy in India.
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    khush is WRONG.

    Gibraltar is not part of the UK (other than in terms of membership of the EU - for which United Kingdom means United Kingdom and Gibraltar).

    You need a separate visa for Gibraltar, however because the UK handles Gibraltars external affairs (on its behalf) it is to the UK embassy/consulate to which you would normally apply.

    Secondly you are wrong to say you need to transit spain to reach Gibraltar. You could fly directly from London to Gibraltar airport.

    Finally, if you plan to travel from Spain to Gibraltar and then return to Spain then make sure your Spain/Schengen visa is valid for *multiple entires* - otherwise you will encounter problems.
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    Sorry, my first line should have read: Heineken is WRONG.
    Applogies khush.
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    Hi David

    I directly contacted the gibraltar border post and they are part of the UK. You can see this on any website such as Wikipedia. They even have "God save the Queen" as their Royal anthem and Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. They confirmed in writing that you only require a normal UK Visa or Entry stamp into the UK (London Heathrow, would be ideal). I have experienced this one week ago when I entered without any visa, only my UK entry stamp. You are correct in saying that You can fly directly into Gibraltar, but Khush would like to exit the UK and enter again, therefore I suggested he goes via Spain.
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    Hi Heineken, I'm affraid you are wrong.

    I can only guess they gave you a 'simple' answer of yes. However Gibraltar is NOT part of the UK.
    [Or perhaps are you possibly confusing being British with being part of the UK? - Many small places are British but not part of the UK.] Gibraltar is British, but it is not part of the UK.

    However the UK and Gibraltar have an integrated consitutional relationship, as part of this the UK handles Gibraltar's external affairs and the Gibraltar Govt also maintains an office in the UK. The website of this office has a very clear cut answer for you here:

    As you can see, a separate visa is technically required.

    Also, God Save the Queen is not the national anthem of Gibraltar.
    Also, QEII is head of state of a LOT of places including the UK, the Channel Islands (which are alos british but not part of UK), Gibraltar (British, not part of UK), Canada (not British but QEII head of states) and similarly Austrailia.... .... ....
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    i m indian passport holder with uk visa for next 3 years, i would like to go to gibraltor, do i need visa for the same? can i fly directly from uk to there? wht r the things i have to keep in mind while travlling there?
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    Even though your mother has a 2 years visa - it does not entitle her to stay in the UK for 2 years continuously. She can only stay in the UK for no more than 6 months in any calendar year. So leaving the UK and coming back - won't do. She will not be permitted to enter UK again. Since Gibraltar is UK Overseas territories it will be logical to suggest, that if your mother spent more that 6 months for this calendar year - she will not be admitted to Gibraltar either. I am afraid your mother has to go back to India and spent the remaining 6 months of the calendar year there. After which she will be able to visit you again. She will also be able to visit Gibraltar with you then. Remember 2 years visa is NOT 2 years leave to remain...
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    I am an Indian pasport holder and taking a escorted tour which disembark in Gibraltar and very quickly geting into bus and entering spain. I know about multi entry schengen visa. My question is, Do I need UK regular visa or transit visa or just entry permit? also wants to know for US passport holder any visa or entry permit required?
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    Is it possibly as a resident of spain to enter Gibraltar with only the residencia as I am awaiting my passport renewal from the uk?
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    My brother has a Malawian passport, with an indefinate stay stamp for UK. Will he need any other paper work to go to Gibraltar ?
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    jeviens d avoir mon visa a lambasse des uk au maroc me donne t il la possibilit
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    Katie - I belive you need either an ID card or passport to cross the frontier. I suspect a residency permit does not constitute a valid type of ID for crossing a frontier within the EU.
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    I have a south african passport, a working visa for the UK valid for 2 years and resident in the UK. I have a valid schengen visa. Can I use this to enter Gibraltar via Spain for 1 week without the need for another visa application:
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    No you cannot, just learned the hard way. You need a UK Visa for the UK and a Gib visa for Gibraltar. They dont like S Africans.....
    Get one at the UK Visa centre in Pretoria before you leave home, or if you are in London, from the Gib high commision. Good luck
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    Passports are required by all visitors to Gibraltar, except EU nationals who are in possession of a valid national identity card.

    Nationals from the following countries are required to obtain a visa:

    BURMA (Myanmar)
    CHINA, People’s Rep. of
    CONGO, Democratic Rep. of
    CYPRUS (Northern part of)
    GUINEA (Conakry)
    KOREA (Dem. People’s Rep.)
    MYANMAR (Burma)

    VATICAN CITY (Service & Emergency Passport only)

    In addition, all Stateless Nationals (including holders of documents issued by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, and holders of Hong Kong Certificates and Declarations of Identity).

    * Venezuelan Nationals holding valid biometric passports containing an electronic chip issued since 2007 will be exempt from the Visa requirement.

    As a general rule, those who require a visa for entry to the UK also require a separate visa for entry to Gibraltar.

    Applications should be made to any British Diplomatic Visa Issuing post in the applicant’s normal country of residence (British Embassy) or in the UK, the visa section of the UK Passport Office in London (by appointment only).

    Counter 40,
    The London Passport Office
    Globe House
    89 Eccleston Square
    London SW1V 1PN

    Opening hours: 11.00 - 16.00 Monday to Friday

    Visa Issuing Department: 020 7901 7542

    Types of visa

    Tourist, Business and Transit


    Those nationals who feature in the chart above but hold valid UK Multiple entry visas which have been issued for 12 months or more, regardless of category, are eligible to enter Gibraltar (at the ultimate discretion of the Immigration Authorities) without the need for an additional visa. This exemption also applies to persons who hold Indefinite leave to Remain in the UK and to persons who hold UK Certificates of Entitlement to the right of Abode (and have not been absent from the UK for more than 2 years).

    Persons who hold standard 6 month multiple visit visas are required to hold a separate visa for Gibraltar. In addition, non-EU nationals who reside in the UK and hold residence permits with a specified validity are required to obtain a visa in order to visit Gibraltar.

    If you will be visiting other countries during your stay in Gibraltar, please contact the relevant Embassies for further information regarding immigration.

    The Government of Gibraltar reserves the right to alter visa requirements for other nationals wishing to visit Gibraltar frequently and at short notice. Therefore, travellers should contact the UK Passport Office for up to date information before booking travel.
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    hi am resident in unted kindom ;it ok for to visit gibraltar without visa
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    Hi, You say you are 'resident in' the United Kingdom. Does that mean you are a foreign national or foreign citizen just living in the UK?

    Or are you a British Citizen?

    Assuming you are British Citizen, then you are fine with just your passport.
    Like wise, any other EU Citizen is fine with just your passport or national ID card. [You are wihtin the EU, but like the UK and Ireland and other places, outside schengen - so you do have to show your passport/id card at the border or at the airport.]

    If you are not a British Citizen, or other EU citizen, then the best guide is do you need a Visa to enter the UK? If so, you will certainly need a Gibraltar visa to enter Gibraltar.

    I expect you are a British Citizen / EU, so you are fine.
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    please, advise-i am not EU/British citizen, but i am residing in the UK on my spouse visa (ID card for foreign nationals that is valid for 2 years). I believe i do not need additional visa to go to Gibraltar?
    Also if being in Gibraltar, i decide to go to Spain for couple of days, do you think they will let me enter the country with my husband, who is British citizen, only with my UK spouse ID card?
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    I am a UK citizen, I visited Gibraltar from Spain on a day trip last week with my husband who lives in Britain on a Spouse's visa.
    The border guard told us that he cannot enter unless he has permenent leave to remain in the UK.. a spouse or schengen visa was not appropriate.

    If you do not have an EU passport and are not having permenant leave to remain in the UK - get a visa.
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    I'm Vietnamese and my husband is German. Now we're living in Germany. We want to book a cruise trip during Christmas time. It will start from Italia to Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal. But the problem is that I only have Schengen Visa and need to apply for the Visa to Gibraltar. I'm confused which visa I need: visa to UK or visa to Gibraltar. And how to apply for a Gibraltar Visa (I've checked on the internet and there is no Gibraltar consulate in Germany). Please reply me soon as we need to pay for the booking as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
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    Having spent a considerable amount of time communicating with the Gib immigration office and even more time with the EU governing bodies I will put some of your questions to bed. The general rule as somebody previously mentioned is " if you require a visa to visit the UK then you almost certainly require a visa to enter Gib" If you have a visa for the UK that is "multiple entry" and is for longer than six months then you may use that to enter Gib, anything else will not do and you will have to apply for a Gib visa. Rule of thumb is go by your passport and not by any cards etc. for determining whether visas are required or not. The only ID card that is recognised by the Gib border is a true Spanish Citizens ID card (not an EU residence card). This was agreed with Spain when the negotiations were made to reopen the border. As far as any other form of EU ID cards are concerned e.g. EU spouse or family member residence permits the UK and consequently Gib will not recognise them despite the EU rules and regulations. EU regs state that a EU family member permit holder should be allowed free travel within member EU states as long as they are travelling with the EU member, but unfortunately the UK don't like this and choose to ignore it (along with many more EU regs that they "don't like").This is currently under investigation by the EU commission.
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    Visitor6. You are correct about the Gib consulate. They do not really have any anywhere. You have to apply through your nearest UK embassy/consulate. You just need the Gib visa if you have no plans to go to the UK.
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    Hi ,
    I have a Turkish pass and living in Germany. I will visit Malaga soon and I am also planning to go to Gibralter (day trip). I am wondering if I need a visa for that?
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    My new UK National Identuty card has just arrived but i notice Gibraltar (and Jersey) are not listed in the European acceptance page?
    Does this mean I will have to take my passport when i visit by air?
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    I am in US on HIB. I have a business visa for Gibraltar (UK). Can I enter London on this visa?

    Thank you in advance
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    I am holder of Indian passport with permanent resident and idefinate to remain in UK. Advice can I apply for British ID card under foreign national applicant to enable me to travel to Europe switzerland and european coundtries without obtaining Shanghan visa, as I am planning to around April 2010
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    go to Shetland and forget the stress of going to Gilbratar
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    I am having an Indian Passport with L1 Visa, I need to go to France for 10 days due to business requirement, what is the procedure for getting a Schengen visa from NY.
    The issue is I get Indian Salary not US Salary , France Embassy requires Bank Statement for 3 months will my Indian Bank Statement is valid?
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    i have a uk visiting visa for more than two years and i'm in the uk at the moment.i haveapplied for schengen visa and got them and used schengen visa is expired,can i apply for schengen visa from the uk?
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    star: I think you have posted in the wrong section, Gibraltar is not part of the Schengen area.
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    Hi i have a russian friend who wants to come visit Gibraltar just for the day. She will have a Schengen visa as she will be flying into Spain and staying there during her 2 week stay. My question is what would she need to do to be able to visit Gibraltar literally just for the day? It's just to show her around the rock.

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