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Visas for dance performance in Versailles?

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Hello-We are a US based dance company of 9 members who have been invited to perform in a festival in Versailles France Oct. 1-8. Neither the company, nor the members are being paid a fee for our performances, but the festival is arranging for and covering the cost of our flights and lodging. Do I need to obtain visas for everyone. They will only be staying the 8-days. Thanks for any advice!


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    US passport holders do not need a visa to enter France. Enjoy the festival - Versailles is an amazing venue!
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    As a performing arts group you DO need visas to perform in France!!!
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    Hi, we're a dance company of 5 people. Three Americans and one mexican and finnish. We will be staying in Paris to work for an exercise company for one year. We will be contracting with this company and we're wondering what type of visa to get. We will also be doing other performances during our stay.
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