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How safe is it to travel to Italy / Greece in Aug 2009

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We are planning a trip with family to Italy and Greece this Summer..

Any comments/suggestions/inputs welcome..


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    is travelm to Italy safe for Americans?
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    Were a family thats also going to be traveling in August. Don't know where were staying yet still looking into it.
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    Traveling to Italy/Greece is completely safe. I have visited both countries several times and thoroughly enjoyed them both, but especially Italy. July and August can be extremely hot. Athens over 110 degrees. The northern part of Italy is very friendly, Verona is beautiful, stay away from Milan though, full of beggars, graffiti and pickpockets. Amalfi coast in Italy is beautiful and recommended. Best recommendation is to try and avoid July and August as it's hot and peak season, but you will enjoy nonetheless.
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    My family is going to Naples Italy at the end of June. We have rented a flat from Vacation Rentals . The owner of the flat has made request which seems strange to me.
    "I need a copy of one of your id at your arrival at the apartment, so I can
    write your generality for the police." Can someone explain why we need to make a copy of our ID for the police in Naples....
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    When you go abroad you usually have to give or let them photocopy your passport. The hotel is obligated to give this information to the police for immigration purposes. It is NORMAL practice in Italy, so please do not be worried.
    (Usually they simply ask ID and you assume it's for the hotel's own peace of mind, and so dont think anything more of it).
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    Greece - Beautiful country, beautiful people....could teach us Brits a lesson or two! I'll never go to spain again....Grrece all the way for me! :-)
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    Visit the South Ionian Coast of Albania in a way to Greece.I went from NYC to Italy and from there originally to Greece but made a stop in Albania and I LOVE IT virgin beaches, cheap prices even for a 4 star hotel in Saranda City great ancient sites Buthrinti,Berati a 2500 years old city with people still living there , also called the city of 1001 windows, with one great 2478 years old church on top of mountain with the castle walls around. But if you are a beach lover visit Valona in Albania, Rimini in Italy ,Saranda City in Albania , Sardegna Italy,Sicily beaches are one of best in Italy, or visit the island of love Capri in Naples but there is a little dangerous(gang problems also you gotta be careful in Albania don't miss understand me and Albanian people were very friendly and hospitable but in Greece be careful a lot of protest in the streets fighting with police,burning banks, cars ,etc have fun by the way wherever you go
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    i am also going to italy in august 2009 infact 7 to 17 aug i wil b in rome
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