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What to see and do in Dordogne

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Can anyone tell me if the Dordogne and Lot region in France is worth visiting? I've heard of the famous Rocamadour and I really want to go there but I know very little about the area. Is there much else to see and do?


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    Hi Wren,
    Dordogne and Lot is an extremely interesting region of France with many attractions. Rocamadour is by far the most famous but if that kind of sightseeing appeals to you you'll find a lot of fascinating attractions in a similar vein. There are a wealth of ancient castles and picturesque medieval villages. Here's an overview of Dordogne and Lot including some of the best attractions.
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    Hello Wren,
    Ella is correct, there a lot to see in Dordogne and Lot regions. If you like history you can visit some prehistorical caves that are absolutely fantastic, you can see paintings that date back 20,000 years ago !
    There are also a lot of medieval castles (if you like novels, read Timeline from Michael Crichton). The landscapes and the gastronomy are between the best in France.
    I know people who have been traveling to Dordogne and enjoyed it very much, you can chek there:
    If you need more details, so not hesitate
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