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Best time to visit Fiji and entry requirements

edited September 2017 in Australasia
Hey all,
When is the best time to visit Fiji? Are the islands hit by hurricanes? And also, does anyone know if Americans need visas to travel there? Thanks!


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    Any time between late March and early December is a good option for visiting Fiji. The rainy season is technically November to April (although it can rain in any season) and if Fiji is hit by hurricanes or big storms it is usually during this period. So maybe try and visit between May and September. The rainy season is generally not too hectic, just short downpours that can actually be quite refreshing in the warm tropical climate, which is why some travellers opt to visit during the rainy season anyway. Check out this info on Visa and Passport Requirements for Fiji but it doesn't look like Americans require visas.
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