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Flying to South Africa from the USA

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hello, what are the options for flying to South Africa from the USA. Are there any direct flights? What are the cheapest options. We are starting in Los Angeles. Thanks. M
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    Hi Mathieu,

    I've flown many times between South Africa and the US, and unfortunately it's never cheap! You won't find any direct flights from Los Angeles, but there are limited direct flights to South Africa from major eastern hubs like Atlanta and Washington DC. These direct flights can honestly be a bit brutal, 17-19 hour trips with refuelling stops in Dakar or Cape Verde.

    I'd recommend getting one of the many flights that connect in Europe or the Middle East. These are usually cheaper and you can break up a long journey with a day or two in a beautiful city like Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, or Dubai. I'm not sure where your ultimate destination is, but most international flights to South Africa go to Johannesburg (OR Tambo Airport), and there are limited flights to Cape Town.
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