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Best Cambodia currency?

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Would like to know if Austrakian dollars are readily exchanged in Cambodia(Vietnam) or would I be better to take local currency.


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    You can easily change your money in Pnom Penh and Angkor, but dont' count on changing it in more remote places. There you are better off taking US dollars. As a general rule with Cambodia: Dollars in 20, 50 and 100 denominations are the most useful form of currency and get you the best rates. Whatever currency you take though make sure the notes are as new as possible and don't have any writing on them. notes in bad shape will not be accepted.
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    if i take sterling will i get a good rate to thr dollar, or am i better off change to dollars before i get to cambodia? thanks
  • I would recommend changing to all dollars before you arrive to Cambodia. Dollars are their second currency so changing any currency to dollars is inevitable anyway, you may as well do it at home at a place you trust. In Vietnam it is a bit more of a hassle to change money, bring dollars with you and change all that you are going to use to Vietnamese Dong. I don't believe you can buy Vietnamese Dong outside of the country. Here is a hint, Casinos often offer good exchange rates. Check official rates at banks against those offered at gold shops as well when you buy or sell Vietnamese Dong. For both they will prefer dollars rather than sterling. There are also ATMs in major cities in both countries which will take care of currency exchange for you. Remember if you bring Vietnamese Dong outside of the country it is usually worthless.
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    Thanks for the info
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    I didn't really want to carry too much cash - is it easy to change American Dollar Travellers Cheques in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville? Or would you advice just to carry US$ cash?

  • It is easy to change traveller checks, there are Western Unions abound. Even better would be to use your check card as there are ATM's in Siem Riep and Phnom Phen.
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    Hi I was in Cambodia last week. TIPS= do not change more than $5 USD as no one wants camboidian cash only USD.
    Make sure you spend all the cambodian cash or exchange it back before leaving as other countries have been unwilling to exchange Cambodian currency for their local currencies.
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    Just got back from Cambodia and just accept that all your money transactions will be in US dollars. Even little kids selling trinkets in Angkor only take US Dollars. A word on ATM use: Traveler's Checks are very easy to cash in Cambodia and a much more economical choice. Wells Fargo Bank now charges a flat $5.00 rate the moment you swipe the card, plus a 3% conversion fee. That adds up over time. Plus some of the ATM machines are not as new and sophisticated. BEWARE that if the machine 'eats your card' it cannot be replaced until you return to the US.
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    going to vietnam and cambodia from sunny CANADA ( its not sunny, its been minus 40 celcius in Wnnipeg and has warmed to zero to minus 10!) from what i've read sounds like best is to take some US cash, and when i run out, maybe use US travellers cheques?? I don't want to chance losing debit cards in machines due to language problems, and or credit long as am ex travel cheques are easy to cash in both vietnam and cambodia? can u advise?? thx...excited...6 weeks away!
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    US dollars are the currency of choice in Cambodia ... All the cash machines give out US dollars and even if you pay in Cambodian riel your change will come in dollars.

    Best to change your money at home, as the rates out there are not always great, plus they may try to rip you off.
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    Heed the warnings about newer bills; I just returned from phnom penh/Angkor and they are picky !!!!
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    Sounds like if you're an American just take us currency and don't have to worry about paying bank fees, exchange rates on hotels and
    other sneaky charges you might have to pay in Thailand or Philippines.
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    Do not worry, you can change AUD to local currency easily! So you do not need to bring them from your home.
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    I am travelling to cambodia in 2 weeks would I be better exchanging USD here or taking GBP
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