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Trying to figure out this scammers next move...a little help?

I Decided to move this to the West Africa section and update it a little:

A friend of mine has been dealing with a scammer for the past 5 years...unbelievable that it has gone on this long I know but with no one to look into what was going on prior to my involvement he had no idea that the girl that he was talking to that was in Florida and then was going on a "trip" to Africa and the plan was to come to him in Canada once her "trip" was concluded in 4 months...was a scam.

(First off this was the odd one of the scammer stories since most of them go there for some business purpose and this one went for a 4 month "trip")

While that should have been Red Flag 1 I consider the first red flag was the fact that she had no family in her home in Florida and no one to return to there so she was going to start new in Canada with him!

At the end of the 4 months she had flight plans to come to Canada but when he went to the airport she wasn't flag number two and several days later he got an email that she was here but returned to AFRICA not FLORIDA having not met up with him! And she sent him several pictures of herself around landmarks in our city.

This is where red flag 3 comes as the request for money I think started.

First asked for money because she had nothing where she was...possibly he sent her some then.

Flight arrangements were made again several months later...this time at the airport the red flag 4 came in the asking for BTA...a common scam story it appears. When he told me of this that was the second time I questioned if she was legit but he was really hooked on her and wasn't listening to questions. He sent her the BTA money ...maybe more at that time.

Well the day came for her to arrive again and he got a call or an email that she had been stopped at the airport and was arrested for gold nuggets in her luggage and she was now in jail and no way to know when she would be free. He got emails and contacted by friends of hers but he began writing her off as a lost cause.

A few months went by and then suddenly he got an email from her that she was free and clear and could make arrangements for another flight again.

She began working on some sort of farm to earn the money to be able to get another plane fare. I don't know if he told her he couldn't give her any money at that point and thats when the story to work on the farm came up. She must have convinced him to change his mind sometime later because I learned later he did continue to send money to her.

Since this time there have been several attempts to come to Canada...all met with problems:
Got sick on way to airport
Accident on way to airport
Lost ticket on way to airport

You name it I bet he has heard every scammer excuse they have come up with!

As there are I am sure several reasons given more than this...each time she lost the plane fare or didn't get reimbursed for the ticket and so had to come up with funds again for the flight.

Finally he gave her a final chance to be here be the end of the season or that was it!

By this time I learned a little more and started investigating into who this person really is because nothing added up that this was either one really accident prone and stupid girl and an apparent lack of care when it comes to spending money on air fare and my research led me to all kinds of scammer victims websites.

Just before the next attempts began I asked if he was still sending money and he said he was just getting ready to send her some more...I begged him not to and many times asking him after this he has said he hasn't sent any more money.

Then came the last few attempts:
#1 Aug 2012: couldn't take "arranged" flight by KLM because "problem with immigration it will take a few more weeks" as the excuse.
First off the problem with this is that remember 5 years prior she came here and went back? immigration problem back then! and another issue was with information in hand I called KLM nearly 4 days prior to the flight to check if she was really booked on that flight. Wonderful workers at KLM gave me what I needed...A ticket was generated on the KLM website a few days before but was never paid for and was ALREADY cancelled out. I informed my friend was I knew but also that immigration doesn't take weeks it can take years!

#2 Sept 2012: Problem with immigration was resolved and a new booking was created. This time KLM gave me her confirmation # without my even giving it to them! and I followed it online as her booking went sour. But yet still days before she was telling him she was happy she was coming...ticket already cancelled though. Day came and another problem with getting on the plane...try again next week!

#3 Sept 2012 1 week later. A "friend/travel agent" went to the airport with her and make sure she gets on the plane. Then he emailed my friend to say that she was on her flight that night from Accra, Ghana to Amsterdam a lay over in Amsterdam in the early morning hours and then connecting flight from Amsterdam to Canada.

She never made her connecting flight and she lied about being on another later connecting flight that I found out was cancelled long before she told him that she would be on that flight. He even went to the airport to of course confirm what I already told him --- she wasn't there. Story now continued to her stuck in Amsterdam and now he beleived he wanted to know what happened to her. Although he finally listened to me and deleted her he didn't delete the friend though. The "friend" sent him some kind of story that she was staying in a hostel in Amsterdam and had to figure out a way to pay for her next flight again.

I do know he was asked again for more money and he told them no.

#4 Oct 2012: He gets an email from the friend that he can't let the girl stay in Amsterdam and its "cheaper" to send her on to Canada then go back to Africa...again questioned why not to Florida or somewhere in the US. But so this friend is paying the way. Also checked online and confirmed with flight centre it IS CHEAPER for a flight to Africa than Canada from Amsterdam.

I asked a long time ago also if the US embassy could help with any of this and have always been met with they wont help her.

Flight is planned for this weekend (Oct 27th).

I realize this is a long posting but please understand that it spans 5 years of craziness.

I know he is not dealing with a girl but a group of boys/men in internet cafes in Ghana.
He has finally agreed that if no arrival on this weekend then she is deleted, blocked and ignored from now is anyone else associated with it that contacts him.

My question is what is this scammers next move? There obviously is no person going to be arriving on Saturday or is there? Has anyone ever got to this point of the scam?

Update Friday he got a call that the flight was being arranged but no details at that time. It's now Saturday Oct 27th and no details of the flight still.

I'll update later when I know more.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


  • As I had already predicted a no show today though still waiting to see what happens tomorrow.

    He got a phone call that they were going to wait a few more days...he told them no it has to be this weekend or not at all!

    I'm hoping this weekend is the last time I have to deal with this scammers attempts. I've had enough of this rollercoaster nightmare to last a lifetime!
  • 5 year scamming nightmare comes to an end finally!

    She didn't show yesterday and no call or email from her or the "friend". As promised he has deleted and blocked her and the "friend".

    It's finally over and we can get back to our normal lives.
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    people you have been warned time and time again please stay away from dating sites once you know that there are African or Romanians on them it will only lead to problems!
  • My name is Erjon Caco.

    Yesterday one really beautiful american girl (at least the Photo, lol) staying actually in Nigeria to take care of her mother who had a blood cancer sent me a friend request and started chating. Since I'm looking for my life partner she told me the same and we were finding each other so matched that it looked like if there would be any possibility we woud have gone and get married right away. After this long conversation I started to search information about this scamming thing. Today I'm 99.99 % sure that this was one case too. Not that I'm so foolish to send any money to people I do not know in the real life but I would have gone mad of myself even if she'd have taken me some days of chating. I don't think she will write again as I made it pretty clear that I never give trust for granted to anybody in the world. I guess they ('cos I think she might be hired from other people to do this) already consider me not worthy to spend time, hahahahaha. I want to thank all the people who have been victims of such things for writing their experiences and helping this way a lot more people. I wish from my heart that God compensates them for what they already lost and sends the harshest of the punishment to all the people involved in such filthy things.
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