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Croatia holiday advice needed

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My wife and I are looking at holidaying in Croatia and would like some genuine advice we have never been there before and as I have a few prerequesites
We would like somewhere resonably quiet (not a main resort)
nice beaches
resonably cheap

Any advice would be apprciated




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    Hi Jolly,
    Regarding your prerequisites I would highly recommend island Vis, that is accessible via ferry from town Split that is on mainland. It is small island with 2 main towns – Vis and Komiza. Komiza is smaller place and maybe more interesting for you. Fairy from Split comes to town Vis, from where u can get bus to Komiza (takes like 20 minutes to get there). Prices of accommodation there are reasonably cheap, and whole island have some of nicest beaches in Croatia. I would also recommend that you visit even smaller island called Bisevo which is across town Komiza. U can get there by boat that runs from Komiza there and back every day. On Bisevo you can visit famous Blue cave, and find some very nice beaches. Vis is small island so you can explore much of it. I don’t know if you go with car, which would be convenient on Vis because you can go to some hidden beaches that are not near these 2 towns. If not I recommend that u rent a car or scooter for at least one day at Vis so that you can check whole island. For eating you don’t have to worry because there are lot of nice restaurants with domestic food there. I can recommend you restaurants “Bako” and “Jastozera” in town Komiza, and “Villa Kaliopa” in town Vis, but you should also try to go to some sort of domestic restaurant named Roki, which is not close to Vis towns but can arrange free transport for you if you make reservation. I think his phone number is 00 385 21 714 004, but if not I m sure that you can easily find some flyer for his restaurant on island Vis. Hope I helped you with this, and if you need some more information I suggest that you check my web page on which you can find even more info on subject.
    Good luck and have a nice vacation in Croatia!
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    Hi to the person that got back to me on this.

    I have taken all your advice and booked my flights to Split and accommodation on Vis

    Thanks a million

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    You are wellcome! Hope you have a good time!
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    I am going to Croatia in July - I will be traveling by ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula, then Korcula to Hvar, then Hvar to Split over several days. I do not have a car but I hear the queue for the ferry line can be quite long during summer. Can I just walk up without the reservation for ferry if I am just traveling alone with a backpack? Much thanks.
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    Hi Mora,

    Yes, you can just walk up, no need to wait in any line. Line is only for cars.

    Hope you`ll have fun in Croatia!
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    Hej Maria

    Normalt er n
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    I stayed in these great apartments close to Zadar, they had nice sandy beaches, were very affordable, nice locations and just perfect for my needs. I booked with and the agents were very helpful. They spoke good english, drove with me to help me find the place, gave me lots of good tips etc... In all I had a great holiday, so if you're looking for something cheap and nice, that's the way to go!
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    Hi We are considering Croatia in August this year, we have two children 10 and 6. Do most holiday areas have childrens' facilities? Would we manage without a car?
    Are there areas to avoid? Any advice would be appreciate.
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    Croatia in August is nice, warm and you can find lots of beaches. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend, but you can pass much cheaper if you rent an apartment. Hotels at that time of the year are 4x as expensive and they usually offer less room.
    I would recommend the Zadar area, as there are a lot of places to see (the city is 3000 years old!) and you can find many of kid friendly beaches around.
    The apartments I stayed at were spacious, and close to the beach, which made it easy to juggle with the kids.Of course if you are looking to stay closer to the city the prices will be a bit higher.
    Not sure what you mean about managing without a car. For example, the agency I booked with ( will offer you a free pick up from the airport in Zadar (if you book for at least 10 days, I think). So you could be even outside of the city, along the coast (small villages) and have a blast (The apartment I stayed at had right outside it's door some nice sandy beaches, which was perfect for the kids).
    But if you plan to move a lot, travel through the region (they have lot's of national parks), then a car is a must.
    Buses are ok, especially along the coastal road but in my opinion it could be too much to do that with 2 kids. Most of the outside coastal villages have small shops, etc... for your basic needs.
    And yes, one nice thing about the apartments is that they come with a fully equipped kitchen, which comes in handy when you have a family.
    Zadar area is safe and the water is crystal clear. You will find sand, pebble and rock beaches.
    If you wish you can contact the person I booked through,they spoke perfect English and made my stay enjoyable: [email protected]
    They also give you info about the region (where to go, where to eat, best restaurants, where to shop, excursion offers, etc...)
    Anyway I hope this helps. Have a great holiday!
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    Hi kat,

    I went to Vis but I wouldn't recommend for kids and to make the most of it you do need a car.
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    I have booked a tour to Croatia and was trying to find the quickest way to get to Zagreb from Melbourne ,Australia but have found that the journey takes moe than 24 hours Can anyone advise me of the best route to take?
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    I can't vouch for this option as I am still planning my first visit to Croatia, try flying in to somewhere like Vienna and then catch the train to Zagreb. It should be a spectacular journey through the Alps.
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    I recommend the Island of Murter in Dalmacia esspecially place called Betina. The Island is connected to land with moveble bridge. Graceful narrow streets and alleys, old stone houses, courtyards, waterfronts, shipyards and balconies, full of natural human charm, authenticity and historical value, cultural, economic and tourist identity, cult, with three symbols: the church of St.. Francis dominating the village, the local square with a port "on the sea" as the focus of events and economic events and the traditional nucleus - the local shipyard and marina. Betina is a treasure trove of different nature - ambient, architectural, socio-cultural and economic peculiarities. Near Murter there are Kornati Islands - 365 islands and islets are interesting and boaters, sports fishermen and nature lovers. For the beauty of these islands George Bernard Shaw said, "The gods wanted to crown their creation and on the last day, from their tears, stars and breath they created Kornati." Definitely go visit!
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    Hello Jolly...

    For a boat trip i would recommend a trip to the Kornati Islands national park where you have hundreds of deserted islands that are protected these days because of the unique nature. I have been on a few Croatian Holidays. The most recent trip (a week in Dubrovnik) was the biggest let down. The two previous trips back in 2009/10 were great laid back island hopping backpacker type hols from the very north down through islands to the very south to Dubrovnik. If you have your heart set on it or are adamant to see it once I'd base yourself in Split (less touristy but more fun city than Dubrovnik) and sail to Hvar, Brac, Vis. Split provides much better access to islands than Dubrovnik- you can only really do a day trip to some tiny islands near Dubrovnik.
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    Above tips are useful to travel there but I think we should to take a suitable Travel Insurance before going on a travel as there are several insurance policies such as annual travel insurance and single trip insurance so you can select one from them according to your needs.
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    Hi ,

    brela is a quiet and very beatiful beach in Croatia . If you are looking for serenity and peaceful place you have a nice place to stay. It calls Abuela´s Beach House near to the beach and very peaceful!!
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    I don't know where are you from, but my friend from New York went to Croatia last summer. She is still talking about it like she was in Heaven :) She took the whole tour of the major islands with her friends renting a smaller motor yacht...
    That way they did it all because they made their own itinerary, from partying on the Hvar to visiting Dubrovnik. I think she booked it through company in NY...I believe it was ...
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    Hello all
    I was in Croatia last summer in Stanici near Omiš and i had beautiful holidays.You can go on a beach,go on a freeclimbing,rafting,there is a good night life in Omiš-you have everything you want.
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    Hallo, I was Croatia last summer Island of Pag, Novalja. There are beautiful beaches Prnjuica, Čista my on favorites.Where the beautiful blue sea and not overloaded with people. The night life Zrće is No.1. The food is excellent has the coolest restaurantes. Accomodation in apartment we had good service and very friendly hosts.
  • The island of Pag is /one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. However, except for its natural beauty, the island is known for its raucous parties who every summer at bay Zrce. If you want a good time, great entertainment and beautiful nature, then the island of Pag right place for you. More info can be found here !
  • Hi!
    All of the above are nice holiday destinations, but to be honest nothing can be compared with the Peljesac Peninsula. I spent the last 5 summer vacations with my family in Orebic. It's a really pleasant town with beautiful beaches and delicious food. You can be sure about the weather. Local people claim that due to the Korcula Channel , there are some warm tides. Moreover there is St. Elias Mountain that prevent the island from raining. You can visit Korcula Island by taking a water taxi or go a bit farther to Dubrovnik. I'd recommend for pretty much everyone ;)
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    Hello I just came back from Dubrovnik and it was wonderful. We rented a boat and enjoyed the islands near Dubrovnik for a few days. Then we went to neighbouring countries - Mostar in Bosnia and Kotor in Montenegro. Dubrovnik itself is wonderful and charming. I would reccommend it with all my heart. Especially I have to reccommend dubrovnik boat rental and day trips agency - Adriatic Explore - they made our stay in Dubrovnik perfect!
  • Hello. If you need to plan your route, here you have a good website:
    I hope, that will be useful!
  • That is a great place to go, look at this beach in Croatia, top destination to rest and enjoy for cheep money. One of the best looking islands in the Europe. And you are like hour from Dubrovnik, 2 hours from Split, you can also see few national parks which are awesome. Go and check some info on the site below: 

  • Hi , Can anyone tell me more about Croatia, I am interested in historical places as well Yacht rides. Is that right time to visit Croatia? I have a plan to travel in October along with a group of friends.
  • Hi venesa,
    Check out this Croatia Travel Guide to get some ideas about where to go and what to do in Croatia. October is autumn and still fairly warm in Croatia, though certainly not as hot as summer. Temperatures average between about 9 and 19 degrees celsius in October. You should go prepared for some rain, but should still get plenty of sun. The advantage will be that there are fewer crowds and cruises, accommodation etc should be a bit cheaper outside of the peak tourist months.
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    Thanks a lot! Ella for such a nice advise, I am excited to experience rain during my yacht journey. Though many of our friends prefer less crowded areas specially  during outdoors, so it is fairly good news for us.
    One of my friend is planning to get some information from Adriatic Challenge
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    Hi Venesa ! Go to Hvar Island if you are looking for nightlife and partying, but if you are looking to get away for some peace and quiet drenched in lot’s of history, head to Dubrovnik.
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    Croatia is perfect if you want isolated places or even if you like big towns and crowds. It has everything, you can combine isolated places with trips to big towns, you can go island hoping. Croatia has everything within the short distance (sea and mountains, national parks etc.). Here are some booking agencies if you are searching for accommodation: adriakroatien.comor or
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    Private Cruise / Whole Charter is ideal for group of 6 and more. Through this arrangement we offer exclusivity regarding to route, food, date and ship. On this way, your vacation will be totally unique experience:
  • I spent last summer in Murter.I found a great agency which found a nice apartment close the sea for a great price.This year I have already booked the apartment by this agency. They have a very good last minute and first minute offers.
    I'll leave you contacts so you can see what they offer 0038598331421

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    Hey guys, I am looking for an advice! My girlfriend and me would like to book our villa over the MyIstria in Istria (Suppose you have guessed that) Did anyone have any experiences with them? Villas look fabulous and reviews are solid. Thanks!!
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    Hi, I just wanted to share my experience from my holiday in Croatia. We decided to book a tour from Split to Dubrovnik and it was amazing. The small towns and beaches are so pretty you'll never want to leave. Our skipper was the best, very skilled and professional.
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