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Cheap taxis in India?

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Transport services in India have become so expensive. Can anyone give me information about cheap taxis?


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    Yes, you are right! Travelling in rickshaws and taxis has become so expensive and traveling in crowded buses is so difficult. If you are looking for cheap taxi services, I think you should check out cab services like Meru or Mega cabs. They have an online service from where you can book your cab and it might turn out to be cheaper.
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    Yes Olacabs is the best option to book a taxi online also provide Cheap Taxi Fare to travel.
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    Yes Ola cabs is online car rental and taxi booking portal in India. Now it is in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai only.
  • Oh my god, I have been in India and I have never seen such taxi, taxi was an elephand!!!! nad prices aren't too expensive you know that? 

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  • In India government has fixed the rate of Taxi. It is rs.14 per km. So i think it is not so expensive but if you visit through train that could be much more cheaper than Taxi.
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    I agree with both of you tamara and tiffnay. In India most of the taxi owners and drivers charge fare whatever they want. No pre paid system. So that I am telling you if you need a taxi in India or any metro areas in India call Ola cabs on 33553355 using local std code for better and cheaper transportation. Try it once.
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