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England Travel Questions

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My fiancee and I will be heading to England (she was actually born there) from May 10th - 18th. We arrive early morning the 11th at Heathrow, are looking for a hotel in London to stay at that night (any suggestions?), and then the rest of our trip is up in the air...but we want to cover as much as possible in our time there. My thought is to stay in London until the evening of the 12th (or morning of the 13th) and then take a train to Torquay. Rent a car there, then drive to Bornemouth, Bristol, Oxford, and then end in Luton (to meet her grandmother who lives there) on the 17th. I could use a ton of help and any suggestions on things to see, places to see, where to stay, itinerary / drive-path suggestions, anything--this is my first time to England, and she unfortuantely isn't much of a "planner," so I'm on my own in organizing this.

Thanks so much!


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    There are lots of hotels at Heathrow airport, premier Inn is nice, cheap and good value for money then again having stayed in hotels all over a hotel room is just some where for sleeping while exploring. Why not hire car at airport then head out along the M4 and take the relevant turn offs before heading back along M4 then M5 then down the A380, then go back via the up the A380 then A35 to Bournemouth then A350, A35, A37 to Bristol, then M4 to Swindon turn off then up to Oxford, Down M40 go round the M25 and take the M1 upto London, trust me sounds hard but you can not go wrong cause most of your driving could be done using main roads.

    Have a good one
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