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David L Moore a/k/a Mason Spencer

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Okay ladies, I am a very smart and intelligent woman, and I almost got taken for this one. I have to admit I have been lonely for a while and I wne on to find something. What a mistake. This guy who goes by David L. Moore, an Engineer who is working in Nigeria as an Ag Biotechnician, emailed me and gave me his Venice, Florida number. I said okay, and talked with him on yahoo IM. He was sweet and endearing. Told me that he was leaving to go to the UK to get his money for the job that he did, okay, I thought, a little weird but I will go along. We started to get close. He sent me pictures, he was handsome. I sent him pictures of me. We talked for hours everyday. he told me his daughter's name was Linda Natalie, which is a weird name. Told me his legal name was Labrainne but spelled it differently twice. So his name is supposedly Labrainne David Moore, but he americanized it. When he sent me a check made payable to Engr. David L. Moore for $250,000 pounds, I knew it was a scam, but I kept him going to see how far he would go. He is really really good. He had me hooked. Then he said the transfer was coming through and once it did he would come to Florida and sweep my off of my feet, okay if you say so I thought. Then he sent me a copy of a cashiers check for $250,000 pounds, which when converted was $400,000. I said no way. I had reservations anyways, picked up on a few things. I am a former investigator (yea and I fell for his crap). Then he said the bank called and there was a problem with the transfer and they wouldn't tell him over the phone and that they needed to see him face to face. I knew right then and there that the next step was for him to ask me for money. So I spent two days doing research. His IP address the entire time was from Logos, Nigeria...which is a mecca for crime. I took his pictures and googled them with google images, all you have to do is upload a picture of anyone and it comes back as to whether or not it is actually them. that is when I found out -------He has an alias of Mason Spencer, fron Orlando and he is a Vetenarian. He scammed other women. HE IS REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SMOOTH!!!!!!!! DON'T FALL FOR IT. Google how to verify IP addresses and how to confirm pictures. I talked to this joker on the phone, IM'd him for hours, e-mailed, blah, blah........... I am an atttractive, smart, successful woman, so my mind set is why wouldn't a man who was successful not want me. DON'T FALL, DON'T FALL, DON'T FALL FOR IT! He said he was from Sweden, he was a widower, his daughter lived with his "mum", he traveled a lot - AND OH, BTW he had two accounts. I asked him why, he said he lost the password to the old one and he had to create a new one. He had all of the right words. Bye, David - aka Mason, aka, Labrainne, whoever you are. NOT FROM THIS GIRL!


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    Im sorry for what you went through. Apparently, doesn't do to well at screening. I too met two different people on Both engineers (couldve been the same person) The conversation was nice and yes he was charming...a bit too charming. But it's a site to meet people to date right? Well, its a playground for scammers. Soon after I started talking to one of them, he said he had to fly to Turkey for a contract job. He said he lived in Palm Harbor Florida and would be back September 30-October 3. Of course there was an accident and he lost his money and laptop. He told me he would love me for life if I could help him purchase a new laptop. But his story was so not the car accident he hit a child who was walking along the road while he was talking on the phone. Smashed the company car and the parents of the child was trying to extort money from him. All of that and all he kept asking me for was to buy him a laptop. When I said I couldn't afford it, he went bullistic. He called me names and said some very hateful things to me. After I said I couldn't afford it, he said his collegue contacted some woman up North who could pay half of the amount for the laptop and he wanted me to send her the other half. Ok at this point I said no way and made up something for him to go away. At that point he threatened me. Yeah, well I was the wrong person for that, especially in my line of business. I did get the FBI involved, though most people believe they wont do anything, I believe the IP address I gave will lead them to someone. I also enlisted some experts in this. They will, one day, get caught. The second man- who called himself Robert Jones from the Netherlands asked me to deposit 137,000.00 into my account so he could pay his supplier 30,000.00. Yeah right, I wasn't handing over my bank account info to a stranger. That guy- RJ was all about the bible and God until I told him I wouldn't do it. Then once again, the evilness came out. Its a shame what they do. I am sure from reading posts on different scam sights the first guy has received money from women. Sad.

    Im glad you didn't fall for it. I too would never send money to a man I've never met. Much less to someone out of the country.

    Warn as many as you can. You never know who you may save from heartache.
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    I, too, was taken in by this David L Moore. Very charming, good looking very attentive. All communication was by email, IM or phone, always out of the country. His latest scam with me that he got paid from the job in London, even sent over a copy of the check, but the check was put on hold until he could pay the excise tax due. He even send me an official looking order from Her Majesty Services. The catch is that he needed 42k to be paid before the money was released from the bank. He also claims that he has a daughter, not his naturally, named Linda. David is also on other dating sites, Plenty of Fish, Match, I don't know how many others. ALL WOMEN NEED TO BEWARE OF HIM
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    I received a message from David Moore. First, he said he loved me and he would come meet me in my country. According to him, he was widower. The day when he said he would meet me, he suffered an accident. After i receive a email from a doctor saying he needed to blood donation and it would very expensive. He sent a message on Facebook and after i talked with on Hotmail. He always was very romantic and kind, but i never fall in love for him. He is a handsome and charming man.
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