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India and Nepal visa and other questions

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i am travelling on a south african passport to india and am aware of the fact of obtaining a visa before i go but i need to know if i must request a multiple entry visa if i want to go on to nepal? or is does the visa allow for this. also is it fine to use my debit card? travellers cheques the way to go? and where can they be cashed? Should they be in rupees or dollars rather?American express or thomas cook?i thought travellers cheques were a thing of the past mostly..


  • Hello.
    For Nepal visa you can have when you are in Nepal Airport .you dont have to buy visa in your country but i don't know about India I am sorry. my name is Narayan pandey and I offer first rate guiding services for trekking and trekking peak climbing throughout Nepal. I live in Kathmandu and have been in guiding services for over 7 years. I can organize your compete trip, from securing all necessary papers and permits, to hiring porters and support personnell. For your small or large trek or peak climbing adventure please contact me by cell phone at 9841739141 (Nepal country code is 977) or by email here. [email protected] I can also be reached by mail at Narayan pandey P.O Box 19632, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Thank you
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    thank you Narayan pandey.As you can see i sent my post this tim eleast year so i have come and gone but I will certainly diarise your contacts.thank you for your information in any regard.
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    We wish to travel in India from November 2011 to to april 2012, as we have australian passports and will be leaving AustraliaIn June 2011 , can we obtain our indian visa for 6 months while we are in Nepal?

    Are there any other countries overseas Turkey, Laos, Cambodia, that we can apply for our Indian Visa.

    kind regards Rosie
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