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Phillipines citizen visiting Portugal

Hi, My girlfriend is filipina and I would like to know what are the requirements needed for her to visit Portugal, Visa etc... What can I do to help her?


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    she should contact the portuguese embassy in jakarta (this embassy takes care of the consular matters for filipinos). otherwise, she should get a visa from the embassy of the first schengen member country of destination. for example, if she flies klm and netherlands will be her point of entry, then seek a visa from the dutch embassy in manila...
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    how about filipinos travelling to USA via Madrid?
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    To Nuno & Apple.. Hi..I am a Filipina currently here in Hongkong and bound for a one week holiday in Portugal this coming January.Me and my American fiance will be meeting in Zurich and fly together to Lisbon..that is according to the itenerary he sent to me to be presented supposed to be to the Portuguese Consulate here in Hongkong.However,last Friday I have been from it's Consular office here in Hongkong but was told that their office in Hongkong is not issuing visa and I am told to proceed to the German Consulate instead as according to them they have an agreement with the German Consulate in issuing visas...or else I have to go to Macau in where Portuguese Consulate were really where.I have been issued a Schengen visa last July of this year from Austrian Consulate that enabled
    me to travel from Vienna to Spain.However,now since my destination is solely in Portugal it is just apprppriate for me to apply in their consulate here.I will let you know the development of my application sometime this week...By the way..I have acquired a Schengen visa thru the help of my sister who worked with the United Nations Office {UNOV} based in Vienna.I have no idea if I can be granted a visa from Portugal considering that I have no relatives and friend as my host person there.Well,good luck to you and Apple and wish you a nice holiday too in Portugal...
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