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India in August and September?

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Is August/September a good time to visit India? I'd like to go on holiday over my birthday, but want to be sure I'm not hitting monsoon season or anything. I'm planning to spend some time along the coast, and also head north a bit. What is the weather like in India at that time?


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    Yes it will be monsoon season all over India ... October /November will be the ideal time.
    Hari Warrier
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    Is this your first visit to India? Bcos I would not advice any western tourist to come to India for their first visit in August-September. I don't know how the earlier post-er has said the monsoon will be over bcos actually in northern India this is exact time of the monsoon season! If you have no option and have to come, pls check any vaccination you might need. Monsoon also mean mosquitoes and dengue, take a anti-mosquito spray and buy a mosquito light for your hotel room locally - if you are staying in 5 stars you will be okay. You should be prepared for the weather (in North at least) to be hot and v humid. And when it rains, it pours - Indian monsoons come down in buckets and you will have to just go with the flow. Other than these precautions, India is a lovely country which evoke very mixed reactions in people - most love it, some hate it. There are no middle grounds. Which is why I am always hesitant to advice westerners to come to India in August - September bcos there is a danger that they might get put off from the country altogether. Which is a pity bcos it has so much to offer! Anyway if that's when you can go that's it I guess. Just be open and expect things to not quite go according to plan always, and you will be fine! Best of luck:)
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    Nomad, The earlier poster has not said monsoon will be over, he has said it will be monsoon all over India... You haven't read it properly... Other than that I agree with your comments.
  • There is no much rain in September (North India) so it is a pleasant time to visit places like shimla,manali.
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