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Visa requirements for Costa Rica

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Hi, am a Caribbean man with a clear record, I like traveling to different Caribbean islands, my one wish is travel to Costa Rica but am a holder of a Dominica (commonwealth) Passport, do I need visa for entry? What are the Visa requirements for Costa Rica?


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    Hi Carribbean Man ;

    To travel to Costa Rica you don;t need a Visa , you can go there for 30 days with out visa.

    Have a nice trip .
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    Hi, I am an Irish Passport holder travelling to cost rica[san jose] for 8 days on business travel. Do I require a visa ?
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    Hello,I am from Tanzania,I want to travell to Costarica for tourism what can I do?
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    Maruti - you need a visa. There is no Costa Rica embassy in Africa though so you must apply via the UK or USA embassy. Please see here for details: I suggest you email.

    You can also use a Visa agency. They will be quicker and take a lot of stress out of the process. We recommend:
    Travel Visa Pro
    Global Visas
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    hellow,i am ecuadorian,i want to travel to costa rica for tourism with ecuadorinan passport , Do i need visa?
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    I am American and travelling to Costa Rica at the end of March. My passport expires in May, will I have to renew it in order to enter the country? I read somewhere that my passport needs to be valid for 6 months after I arrive. Is this true for American citizens as well?

    Thank you!
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    How about Fiji nationals? Do they need a visa to enter Cost Rica and where can we can this?
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    I am a US pro Photographer, do I need to get a work permit to photograph one wedding in Costa Rico, and if so where would I get one?
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    Alejandro, thank you for answering my question,,,Well Costa Rica here i come,,,,another thing, Is US$ widely use there or advisable to change in their currency.

    My dream is to visit all the latin american countries,,i have only managed to visit the Dom Republic,and i can't stop going there....I LOVE it so much i even bough properties there....

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    I am Thai Police working in Haiti and holding G4 US visa, can I enter to your country, do I need to apply for another visa ?
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    I have a friend from Tunisia
    he wants to come to Costa Rica
    how to get visa? is there any way?
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