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Internship in turkey for Indian citizen holding Italian residency permit

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Helloe everybody,

I am an Indian citizen with an Italian student residency permit valid until February 2013.

I have secured a non-paid internship at an Ankara-based think tank. My internship runs for one month, starting from December 10.

The Turkish embassy in New Delhi says the following: Ordinary, Special and Service passport holders with a valid Schengen or OECD member's visa or residence permit may get their single entry visas valid for one month at the Turkish border gates upon their arrival, provided that they meet cetain conditions.

But I am not sure whether an educational internship will qualify for a one-month single entry visa.

I would really like to get some help on this.



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    An Italian residency permit qualifies as a Schengen residence permit.
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    Thank you Anya,

    Its just that I am not sure whether I can work in Turkey for a month on the basis of an Italian permit...
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    To work legally in Turkey your emploer must apply for a work permit on your behalf. ? suggest you contact the organisation and ask them to help you. They may be able to arrange a study permit for a month. Otherwise you will have to enter the country as a tourist. Look at the MFA website for vida rules

    But do be careful as working illegally whether paid or unpaid can result in deportation and a ban from entering Turkey for a specified time.
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