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Schengen Visa

edited December 2012 in Visa and Passport
Heello.. Im filipina going to London on Dec 17, 2012 then hopefully going to Malta on Jan. 7 2013 I just want to ask if there is possible i can apply for my shengen visa in London.. and what the requirements? and how much is cost?

Have a nice day!!!

Thank a lot...


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    Hi Mhel,

    You'll want to apply for your Schengen visa before leaving for London, as the process can take a few weeks at least. You should get in touch with the Maltese Consulate in the Philippines for fees and requirements.
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    Hello there anya.. thank for the response.. yes but i will apply shengen visa while im in london.. I just want to know if it possible i can apply there even Im a filipina passport holder and im a tourist in london..

    thank u :)
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