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Travelling from Tunisa to Egypt via Libya

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Hi - I would like to travel from Tunisia to Egypt via Libya, taking in Tripoli and other sights. I am really excited about going as I gather Libya is a wonderful country and very unspoilt and untravelled, but I am only beginning my research and would love advice for anyone else who has done this trip, or has been to Libya. Firstly, is it quite easy to get a visa to Libya? Is the public transport ok? Can I jump on a bus? And what would you suggest seeing in Libya - I dont really have much time constraint and want to see as much of Libya as possible. Look forward to your advice... Jason


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    I may be wrong, but I think that as a foreigner you can only get into Libya as part of an organised tour, where you are met at the airport or border by a recognised travel agent - can anyone confirm?
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    Unless you hold a passport from an Arabic country such as Tunisia you must have a visa prior to travelling to Libya. You will need to contact a travel company who will arrange your visa for you. This can take some time, 4-8 weeks!! So make sure you leave enough time before you travel. Libya is a wonderful country but it is very large with great distances between cities etc. It is worth it.

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    Hi Jason
    what Dolly and Mathieu said is true
    you need to contact a libyan travel agency to get a tourest VISA ( that is the only way to git it )
    and you will also need to translait your passport to Arabic ( check with the libyan Embasey for that )
    one more thing :
    you will have a guide or atlest a driver that works for the tourism agency with you at all times ( this is how it works in libya )
    pleases to see in Libya :
    Ghadames - Lep's Magna - Appolonia - Cyrene - the old city of Tripoli - the Sahara Dasert ( Akakos - Murzeg - etc... )
    i hope you Enjoy it
    tour operaiter in libya
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    We will be in transit at Tripoli Airport. If we have duty free alcohol will it be taken away from us?
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    No alcohol is allowed into Libya - but I am unsure as to transit requirements. My advice is to contact the airline or the Libyan embassy to get the correct information.
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    If you have Tunisia passport you can go to Libya without visa
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    Nori - that is true, however, Tunisians need now to be more careful about entering Libya - the visas are issued at the airport and sometimes with a prohibition of 'no work'
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