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Short break with kids

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I want to take my kids on a short break. Does anybody have any suggestions where is the place to go to enjoy the break and keep the kids entertained?


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    How about a skiing trip? Here are some tips for ski resorts for children.
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    It depends where you want to go on the scale of child-friendly vs. adult-friendly. Depending on your personal taste and the age of your children, you may have to make a compromise somewhere along the line.

    Disneyland Paris sits at one end of the scale: a trip of a lifetime for children, and easy to reach by Eurostar, but not to every adult's taste. On the other hand, you could go to Paris, which most adults love. Perhaps surprisingly, kids love it too.

    I've found that once children hit 5 or 6, they really start to appreciate city breaks: eating out, visiting musuems, taking public transport - it's all fun.Other great cities for children include Amsterdam, London and Barcelona. A few to save for when they're older: Berlin, Madrid, Istanbul, Rome.

    For something more indulgent, how about a holiday parc in Brittany where you can rent a tent or a mobile home for a few days. There are numerous onsite facilities - pools, slides, kids clubs - but you'll want to do this in the summer.

    I'm editor of a travel inspiration website, called 101 short breaks. It's got plenty of ideas for families.
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    How come I hadn't thought about this before?! Barcelona is the perfect place. I love Spain and my kids just turned 8 and 10 so they'll surely enjoy it too. Thank you Mark.
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    Depends what you mean by kids entertained...usually we look for hotels with kids club so we can relax while children have fun...
    We use they have a search engine by kids age. Quite useful...
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