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Visa Application in a Third Country

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Does anyone know how easy it is to get a visa for China in a Third Country? We are British passport holders and are travelling to China via Turkey, Iran and the 'Stans. We are heading for Kashgar to pick up the KKH to take us on in to Pakistan.

We need to apply for a Chinese Visa possibly in Turkey or Iran. Does anyone know how easy it is to get a visa in a 3rd country?



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    Normally, it is more difficult to get the China Visa in a third country instead your own country, then you might be refused by some special reason. However, if you prepare more documents about your China section tour, and you have the formal invitation letter from local Chinese travel agent which they are responsible for your China tour, then maybe the China Embassy in the third country would give you the China Visa, but it is really very hard to say.
    I still recommend it is better for you to apply China Visa in your own country, it is more convenient and reliable.
    Anyway, I wish you have a nice trip to China.
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    Dear RogandDee,
    You can also fly to Hong Kong, then apply the Chinese visa, this is a government website to you:
    Any questions you can contact them directly.
    But recently applies for the visa population to increase largely, to reduce the applicant waiting time, you'd better to go to your own country Chinese Embassy to inquire and to apply for Visa.
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    Thanks for the replies. Time is against us unfortunately, otherwise I would apply here in the UK before we depart. However, the life of the visa (6 months) would have expired by the time we want to use it!

    It seems then, that, even though I don't officially need it, a Letter of Invitation, may well help our chances?
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    If you have not enough time, you can apply for "Rush Service", 24 hour work time you can get it.
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    Don't apply for a visa in HK, it's harder there and many have been refused. Applying in a third country is sometimes easier than applying in your own country. Better to have a visa in hand when going there, better safe than sorry!
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    I'm going to apply to China visa in Turkey. Hopefully it works out, never ever hear results if anyone actually got it. Guess people don't mention the good news...or bad.

    Anyhow wish me luck!
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    i am chinese exporter. we can help you to get a chinese immigration invitation letter, with the chinese immigration invitation letter then it is easy for you go to china embassy get a chinese visa. my email :[email protected]
    my yahoo messenger : [email protected]
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    Hey, can you let me know how it went? The consular officers refused to process my Chinese visa application in a third country, on the basis that I don't hold residence visa in this country. I'm stuck, and wonder if anyone suceeded in this.
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    We got a Chinese visa in Istanbul using an agent, they needed bank account statements!! (and weren't happy with copies, but accepted them) it took one week to get. We got our second Chinese visa in Hong Kong .... Much easier, just filled in the form paid the fee and picked it up the next day!!
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    it is very easy to apply visa in HK
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