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Currency in Malta

edited January 2010 in - General Europe
I am a US citizen visiting Malta for 6 months. Can any one help me with suggestions as to the best way to access euros? Do the stores accept debit cards/credit cards which are not the chip and pin kind? How would I get the best exchange rate - banks, ATM machines, travellers cheques, etc. Thanks.


  • You will be fine in MALTA it is English speaking with ATM machines, HSBC Banks, very friendly, very safe, it's just great.
    When do you go there? as I visit there all the time, I even drove there from the UK in a 30 year old VW bus from the UK in 2007.
    6 months is a long time- out there, give me an honest character assessment of yourself
    ie: do you like bars/culture/diving/museums I have a few friends out there who may be able to help you out and be a friendly face
    Best of Luck and Enjoy Mark
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    Malta switched to EUR in 2008. you can find ATM anywhere on the island,
    Just be carefull, some places like restaurant or even clubs dont accept credit card.
    Overall banking in Malta is really good with BOV and HSBC as the main banks on the island
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