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Safety in Cape Town for the football World Cup 2010

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Hi - we are heading off to South Africa for the football world cup, what is safety in Cape Town like? What is the liklihood of being mugged, or carjacked in reality. I have just watched a program on the BBC saying people are buying stab-proof jackets for their trip. Surely its not that bad - I know lots of people who have gone on holiday to Cape Town and they didnt mention safety as an issue, just how beautiful it was and what a great holiday they had! M
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    Hi Mathieu

    Unfortunately, there has been some negative and sensationalised press regarding safety and the football World Cup 2010. The "stab-proof" vests being more of a money making con than a necessity. I live and work in Cape Town, right in the city centre, and have never had an issue with major crime. As with any developing country, petty theft is a problem. If you leave your valuables exposed, an opportunistic thief may try his luck.
    My safety advice would be to stay within the main tourist and soccer areas in all of the cities (don't go wandering down dark alleys on your own). Carry the minimum amount of valuables with you, and ensure you know where your belongings are at all times. If you are unsure of where you are going, ask your hotel. They live and work in the area and will give you the best advice.

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    Ciao Mathieu

    Kate is exactly right, act in Cape Town as you would around the Paris or Milan train station where you have increased risk of pickpockets or bag snatching. There is no ad-hoc violence towards tourists at all, just take care not to flash wealth where the less privledged can see it. You will love the trip so put the fear behind you. Focus on planning where you want to visit and how you will get to each location.

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