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Tunisia El port Kantaoui

edited January 2010 in - North Africa
My partner and I our heading to Port El Kantaoui mid March 2010 and have booked to stay in the Golf residence Hotel, I've read some good reviews and some really bad ones, has anyone been recently? We our going with my partners parents and both couples aren't married will this be a problem? Does anyone have any pionters on things to do?


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    PEK is a purpose built tourist area. I haven't stayed in the hotel you are talking about so I can't comment. Try looking for reviews from Trip Advisor. You shouldn't have too many problems being unmarried. It depends how long you are in Tunisia as to how much you can see and do.
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    We stayed at Sousse which is just south of Port el Kantaoui in December 2009. The Port is a very new purpose built result and we found it somewhat "sterile" compared to the rest of the country (and, boy, did we get around a lot of it!).
    If you want to see a lot of Tunisia in a relatively short time you could take one of the so called "safaris" to the Sahara and the south. I have posted a review on Trip Advisor at
    Hope that helps.
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