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does an Egyptian have to have 5000Egyptian Pounds in the bank to get a visa for the uk?

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A freind wants to come to London to visit for a couple of weeks, but believes there is a finacial qualification necessary to get a visa. He beleives this to be 5000 Egyptian pounds. Is this right. If I write a letter to sponsor him does he still need this money?


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    i have the same question!! why is it soo hard to find out about this stuff!! is it really sooo hard for egyptians just to have a holiday?!!
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    I eventually got a reply from Worldbridge, the company that adminster the visa applications on behalf of the British. It seems that there is no set amount. You do have to have money in the bank but I think it depends on the personal circumstances like how long you are staying, where your staying. It might be that you have to have a crtain amount of money to open a bank account though.
    This is not the only requirement, the Egyptian also has to show that they have reason to return to Egypt and this seems to be ownership of property, house, car etc. give an itinary and give details of the place they will be staying, including a letter of invitation if they are staying with someone rather than in a hotel. In addition they have to give biometric information ie finger prints etc. This means a trip to Cairo or Alex no matter where they live.
    The reason for this; British imigration rules are racist. When we arrived in Egypt we handed over £15 and were given a visa from someones pocket. Not a single question was asked or signiture given.
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    Where abouts in Egypt ill your friend be travelling from?
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    can someone help me ,how does one egyptian apply for studying in england for english degree ...please thankyou and what does it intale on their part im told many stories of it can be easy if you know how but i find it difficult in looking ..thankyou .
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