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Amsterdam Layover

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I am travelling from US to Middle East with a 10 hour layover in Amsterdam where I have never been. Is this enough time to see any sites, possible get lost or delayed and get back to airport for check in with adequate time? Any suggestions of fun things to do with this amount of time?


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    Ira - provided your passport and visa allows you to transit and leave the airport, then there is plenty to do with your layover: go to the Van Gogh Museum, check out the Rijksmuseum, rent a bicycle and cruise around the canals. Cehck out the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art if you're into that sort of thing. Avoid going to the coffee shops - you might forget about your flight completely!

    Getting from the airport into Amsterdam central is easy: catch the regular train underneath the arrivals terminal - it only takes 20mins into town.
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    Amsterdam is a very easy city to get around and is less than half and hour from the airport by train.
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    I was having a layover in Amsterdam and I found the company called Great Amsterdam Excursions which organises the guided tours for the transfering passengers. I was picked up and brought back to the airport. Really nice way of spending time during the layover. I would definiately recommend it!
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    I just had a 24 hour layover in Amsterdam, and found it a very easy city to navigate. The transport into town is simple and fast, I would recommend taking the train for about €4, which takes you near the centre of town. Most of the famous museums are very close to each other, and are easily visited in that time frame. If you prefer not to venture out on your own though, there are organised tours of Amsterdam that depart from the airport once or twice per day, and take about three hours.
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