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Visa/work visa for Italy

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I am a canadian citizen. My father was born in Italy, but lost his italian citizenship after becoming a Canadian citizen. I have family in Italy, and recently my cousin, who owns and runs a restaurant offered me a job. The job would be for the summer and I am having a hard time figuring out what I need in order for this to be legitimate.

Thanks in advance for any information, everything I find so far is very contradictory!


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    Legally, you can be in Europe fort 90 days without a visa. After that you MUST HAVE A VISA. You can not accept $$ in the form of payment for work without a working visa. Have your Uncle sponsor you so you can get a visa. If he pays you under the table, and gets caught, it will be a sad day for him. He could lose his business. Try a university near you to see if their foreign dept have some student working visa arrangements with Italy.

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    If you were born before your father became a candian citizen you may seek to apply for an Italian passport
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