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Visa Requirements to enter UAE as a South African national with Indefinate leave to Remain in the UK

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I would like to Travel to Abu Dhabi to visit some family friends that i have there and i am unsure of what the visa requirements are that apply to my case.

I am a South African National with Indefinate Leave to remain in the UK.

If anyone has any information on wether i need a visa and how i go about applying for one i would be very grateful.


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    Hi Candace

    South African citizens can obtain a visit visa from the UAE embassy before departure. It is stamped for 30 days but can be extended to 60 days. Further extensions will cost you.

    British citizens can enter with their passport and stay for a month. Should they want to extend for another 2 months then they will need to apply for a visa.

    I'm not sure if you would classify as a British citizen so I suggest that you visit your embassy and discuss with them.

    for more information about visa requirements visit our page UAE passport and visa requirements
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    Hi! Good day! I want to go to Dubai. What are the requirements to get there?
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