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How to choose an Egypt tour company?

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How do we pick a good reputable Egyptian based tour company ? We want to book an Egyptian Tour Company that has a good reputation and is reasonable for 8 days and 7 nights with one nite in Cairo, see the Pyramids, take the sleeper train to Aswan / Luxor take a good cruise to all the monuments/sights including Abu Simbel, take the train back to cairo see the Egyptian Museum and Hung Church... and then leave that evening on our flight back home. We would need transfers to / from. We looked at these companies but we don't know what their reputations are : Delta, Memphis, Wedjat, GAT, Best Way Travel, banna-tours, Champion tours, Hours Tours. What are your experiences with these companies and would you recommend another good and reasonable company for the tour we want to take ? We thank you.


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    Hi stephenchris.

    I was in same situation last year
    iIget offers from many travel agents from Egypt

    Frist advice i could advice you to use local agent as they are much cheaper
    i already posted my review last year ,you can ready it here: Egypt Trip

    My wife and I traveled to Egypt with Ramsestours in february of 2009. It was a 10 day trip including 4 days of cruising on the Nile.

    The whole Egyptian experience was fantastic. I was absolutely gob-smacked with the pyramids and all the temples especially Abu Simbel and Karnak. The Nile cruise was fabulous and the food was to die for. we had the best time, saw everything and made friends that I hope we keep forever. I am 56 and everyone looked out for me especially the tour guide. So, don't ever think you are too old for one of these trips as I'll never forget how great it was.

    I can not speak highly enough of the service that I received from ramses tours.

    Mr josef in customer service walked me through the whole process, answering questions, explaining options and offering suggestions. he was patient, friendly and knowledgeable. he did everything from motel and connections to seating arrangements - wonderful.

    Once we were done, she even went through the whole arrangement again to verify and to put me at ease.

    To save money, we had three flights to get to Cairo. Ramses tours made one minor change after the package was booked. They sent three e-mails and the airline representative also reminded me of the change.

    I could not have ask for better service - Thank you, we had a an outstanding vacation and Mr josef took the stress out of the equation.

    Finally, be careful not to drink the water in Egypt OR use it in any way, e.g., brushing your teeth. Don't even eat washed veggies or fruit. All but two people on our trip ended up with a touch of King Tut's revenge. Bottled water is the only way to go.

    Enjoy your trip tp Egypt ! I absolutely enjoyed mine!

    larry leones
    [email protected]
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    Dear Mr. Larry Leones,
    I thank you so very much for guiding me through this process of selecting a tour and that Ramses tour was so wonderful and outstanding to you. Your trip sounds so wonderful----I can't wait to see all these incredible wonders of the world first hand. If you please, what price range would we expect to pay for a good tour so that I have an idea of what to expect ? Again thank you so much. Steve.
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    Hi All

    I am travelling to Egypt next week (Sept 27th 09). My trip is predominantly a dive one and will spend three glorious weeks in the Red Sea.....does anyone know how to get to Marsa Alam?? There appears to be very little info on the area particularly transport and services....I intend to dive with Eco dive but it's difficult to get any info even from the dive resorts. I am travelling from Cairo and would prefer not to fly....any ideas??

    Cheers Matty
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    I went to Egypt last February with my husband and had an amazing trip. I definitely recommend using a tour company. Friends recommended Museum-Tours and they were fantastic. They met us at the airport when we arrived and after a 14 hour journey we were so happy to be so well taken care of. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Cairo, saw the pyramids. Our guide was so knowledgeable about the antiquities and took us out for some lovely meals. We were then off to Luxor - Karnak, Valley of the Kings. We saw SO much! This is one destination I would go to with a tour group and I don't think you can do better than Museum-Tours. They are a first class outfit and a great value!
    Hope you have a great trip! -Susan
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    Bedouina Tours in Dahab, Egypt are very friendly bedouin guys making both nice tours and trips and accomodation in Dahab. Bedouina tours offers interesting travel packages all over Egypt. Also they have special offers for diving! I like to meet them once.
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    I went to Egypt last January with my Family , it was very amazing trip , we visit Luxor temple ,karnak temple & also Aswan Via very nice cruise between Luxor & aswan , also we visited Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara Pyramids & Alazhar is very nice & rememberable experience i 'll never forget, our guide was very knowledgeable & friendly .I definitely recommend using this tour company Intratour & same tour guide Rasha , they really first class company & services ,i deal with Ms. Hend there via mail [email protected]
    hope you have agreat trip with them too. Ema
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    thx Ema for your advice ,i just arrived 2 day before from my honey moon in Egypt, it was adorable i visited pyramids,musuem , citadel of salaheldin ,also i spend 3nights at nile cruiser obera nile cruise ,it was fasinating ,i was so lucky to choose Egypt & to deal with intra tour the egyptian travel agency u recommend , all my greetings to all staff serving me specially Ms. Hend, she offer this adorable program for me ,i also recommended her to all my friend & also to all travelers using travel forum site
    wishing all greating & success for both
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    Hello every one. I am 62, currently in Addis Ababa on work. My wife and I would like a make a short visit for 4 days. Can any one please guide me what all we can see in 4 days.
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    hi, Surender
    i just arrived from Egypt trip few days ago but i spend 10days there so i recommend you the travel agent i deal with intratour you can contact Ms. Hend by mail [email protected] ,my program was Cairo ,Alexandrie & nile cruisw , so you can visit Cairo & alexandrie for 4 days as nile cruise take at least 4 days. contact her & she will well organze nice & suitable program for you
    wishing good trip 4 u
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    Has anyone heard of Go Travel Egypt (Go Egypt Tour). Are they a reputable tour company?
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    Hi, i don't know Go travel,if u want reputable one to deal with , contact Intra tour by mail [email protected], they are excellent company i recommend
    cheers, Kite
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    Hi All ,
    There are many travel Agencies in Egypt and our advice to all travelers to be very careful when they are planning a trip to Egypt and search about the name and the reputation of these tour operators who might even be just one person not an association so we kindly give bellow 10 facts that might tell truly how you can find out if you are contacting with a good operator or not :

    1) A good and honest tour operator in Egypt who gives a very clear tour program not just hidden and tricky words.

    2) Please look at the included and the not included items in the proposal itinerary carefully before you start the deal.

    3) Just Search the name of the company and all these travel forums from many travelers who will never lie about these agent.

    4) You can ask them for a travel reference (Travelers used their service before) and we do advise to contact these travelers then you will know whom you are dealing with.

    5) Ask these operators about their Ministry of Tourism License Number and a copy of this license because ( All legal tour operators in Egypt should have the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism License in order to do legal tours allover Egypt) .

    6) If the Tour Operator does not have Ministry of Tourism License then you can report them to Egyptian Tourism Police and this is to avoid other travelers to come in the trap because we really believe that people’s vacation is just like any other products that can’t be played with.

    7) Our advise to deal with the local tour operators located in Egypt not with the operators outside of Egypt as this always makes some mistakes in your tour and you won’t know who is responsible of this mistake, those who sold you the tour or those who are handling you the trip in Egypt.

    8) Another idea of tour operators outside of Egypt are always offering higher rates and you could accept these expensive rates just because you believe that they are located in the same country you live so you get this feeling ( if any mistake happened you can get your money back!! ) Which is not true and if it’s even true! You will take a long time and effort from your side to get it back and this later will make you give up your money and even if you got the full refund you have already lost your dream of touring Egypt.

    9) Don’t think when the Tour Agent go down with the price that is good for you and be sure that they will eliminate some items in your itinerary that you will later pay for when you are in here Egypt and they are definitely cheating up with you to start the deal.

    10) Finally we are always saying that few more dollars can make your trip a sweet dream and few less can make it a nightmare.
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    Dear All,

    Have a nice day

    i am tour operator in Travel agency in egypt. i can help any one want to travel to egypt. for any question you can contact me on mobile or Messenger email to know more about our service



    [email protected]
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    hello everybody

    it's so nice to hear all this requests from your side to visit my country Egypt
    it will be my great honor to help you in your plan through my company which named Misr Travel as we are the only governmental company all over Egypt & you can check our website
    you can send me all your requirements via my e-mail [email protected]
    my name is Zohour & iam senior tour operator & i can help in all travel plans worldwide.
    let's start very soon as next Easter will be great & you can enjoy a lovely vacation is my promise
    zohour mansour
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    Hello everyone,
    there are many standards to Choose a good travel agent , Get advice from friends and relatives who use an agent they trust. Since travel choices are personal decisions that reflect individual desires and lifestyles, you will want to visit or call several travel agencies to find the one that best suits your needs. Consider everything from the appearance of the office to the travel agent's willingness to listen and answer questions. The best agents want to establish a long-term relationship with a client, not just make one sale.
    If you have any question or queries about anything feel free & don't hesitate to contact me anytime
    Best Regards
    Mohamed Shafei
    Tour Operator
    [email protected]
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    As Salam o Alaikum

    I am Waseem Ul Haq from Pakistan and planning to visit Egypt (Cairo-Aswan and Luxor) in coming August 2010.

    This will be my first tour abroad to my home country that is Pakistan.

    I am in the phase of selecting tour operator and I have to pay him about 25%-35% in advance. Can i rely on the company having a beautiful net profile.

    Can any body guide me.

    My mail address is [email protected]

    Living in other country, how can I check or verify the license no of touring company from Egyptian reliable source.

    Specially my Egyptian brothers...... For sake of Allah, please help me, as already stated that this tour will be my first abroad tourism experience in 42 years of my age.

    Waseem Ul Haq
    [email protected]
    Cell No. 00-92-333-5168496
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    Well, the original post is a good question, however if you are a good internet browser, you would find it funny to read the responses:)
    are you(your trip planner)??... that is the question, if so, then here are some tips:
    Most of the international travel agencies, like those around you in Europe or in the U states are extremely great with the prices given to you for a trip....why? most of them are holding companies (they have their own fleet, their own buses, air-crafts, they can reduce the price as they own everything.
    Some other international travel agencies specially those in the far east, they will charge you much more higher price than those locally based Egyptian travel agencies...why?....because they are not holding companies and they have a local ground operator (local travel agency), so with them you pay twice, once for them, and another for the local operator..

    so what you should do is
    1- spend few moments on the web to get to know at least the must see places in Egypt

    2-Get in touch with a friend who traveled Egypt to know how long does it take to visit each attraction

    3-Make your time calculations regarding how much time you have in your vacation

    4-Decide which places to skip and which to see (depends on your own interests)

    5-Contact some travel agencies around you, and some local agencies in Egypt for prices

    6-Compare prices and services

    7-Pick the best price compared to the best service, and the most important is that you feel comfortable with.

    8-Go ahead and book it
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    Dear all
    I am travel agency in Egypt, for any information or request for Egypt & Turkey trips , please contact us
    by mail : [email protected] or via web site,
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    Stephenchris - I know it was about a year ago now, but in case you get this, may I ask which tour operator you finally settled with ? Thanks a ton for responding (if you manage!), Zak.
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    Hi, I'm thinking of booking a 15 day tour with Ask-Aladdin Tours. They use Enjaz Tours license and I wanted to know if anyone has used this tour company. They do not take credit cards and asked for a wire transfer only for the deposit. I have traveled overseas but not to Eqypt. Is this normal pratice? Any information on this company would be of interest. Please contact me at [email protected]
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    InThe First i'm From egypt and i want to travel to my firend in turky and i want to know more information about how i can travel to him Fast !!
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    Nice looking list.

    There is great article on this tour company reviews page for egypt:
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    I wrote my Egypt experience in my blog, which includes how to find the right travel company for you. Make sure to do you online research on different places in Egypt so you'll have an idea what holiday package suits you best. My <a href="">Egypt trip</a> is an unforgettable experience, I'm sure you're gonna enjoy your holiday too.
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    If you dream with a memorable fantastic tour which includes all the most important sights in Egypt but in a moderate price, so you can have a look over our special offers from our Travel Agency (

    For any information send me on [email protected]

    Operation Department
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