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What happens in New Jersey?

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I'm going to visit my aunt and uncle in New Jersey this coming spring. I've never been before and I'm wondering what fun stuff there is to do there either with my relatives, or alone?

I'm quite the 'outdoors' type so a little scared I'm going to get bored. I'll be there for just under 3 weeks.
Anyone have any suggestions?


  • Well at least you will be next to New York. Kidding, there are great things to do in Jersey. For the outdoorsy type try the Wet Lands Institute which offers a hike on the Salt Marsh Trail. It's Unique to hike in salt water wetlands. There are a host of other hikes but depends wehre in New Jersey you will be, and also access to transportation. Depending on where you come from coastal activities might be the most exciting, such as fishing or boat rentals of which there are many options. Whale watching is also an opetion depending on season. The nightlife of the Jersey shore is a bit of cliche but can also be fun. Of course there is Atlantic City which is one of the few gambling destinations in the US which could be fun to do with your Aunt and Uncle, they have plenty of shows as well.
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    but remember: what happens in New Jersey ... stays in New Jersey!
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    take a trip to Cape May at the southern tip of New Jersey.
    The bay there is just awesome if you're a nature lover. You can camp, hike, fish, cook your fish over your campfire later... I'm from New Jersey and every time I go I have a great time.

    Oh, and there's also great bird-watching too if you're into that sort of thing.
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    Right on! Thanks - this is really helpful
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    You will love New Jersey - take a trip to Seaside Heights or anywhere along the Jersey Shore - the boardwalk and beaches are fun. If you want some excitement/thrills, go to Great Adventure a theme park for the day.
    drive thru cute little towns that have houses up to 200 years old - so much history.
    If you want to go to a market, try the Englishtown market (fresh food and produce) as well as old and new things for sale. Something for everyone.
    Great outlet mall at Jacksonville (probably not exciting for Americans but great for tourists!).
    Hope is a quaint little town to explore, very pretty with lots of trees.
    Day trip to Pennsylvania - enjoy the beautiful Armish country, admire their amazingly good simple lifestyle and expert farming skills.
    There is a fabulous Train museum in Pennsylvania, with a ride in a real steam train, and nearby you can stay in a real redecorated Caboose!
    Day trips to New York, or overnight - so much to see and do.
    Bruce Springsteen grew up in Freehold, walk where he walked!
    Probably a bit late for you Jeremy, hope you enjoyed your stay, we always do
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    Sorry, this is a late answer but maybe it will be useful for someone
    As I know, New Jersey is well known for its beautiful beaches and natural attractions, including the migratory birds of Cape May, the Pine Barrens, blueberry farms and cranberry bogs, the Delaware Water Gap, a 72-mile leg of the Appalachian Trail and its interurban analogue, the East Coast Greenway and the Palisades.
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    Delaware River Tubing is the great place in New Jersey ...................There is an activity for everyone in the family! Whether you want to relax on a tube all day, Kayak down the Delaware or try Canoeing it's all available! Perfect day trip in New Jersey for everyone in your family and all of your friends! famous hot dog man make your visit fruitful !
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    Best Of luck.
  • There is a ton of stuff to do in New Jersey. There is always Six Flags which is one of the biggest, best, and most popular attractions on the east coast. There is also plenty of wilderness in the state, as well. There are water ways and stuff that allow for boating, fishing, and other water related sports and activities. Which part of New Jersey will you be in? If you are further north you can always take a trip to New York City. If you are in the southern part there is always Philadelphia to visit.
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