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visa for Brazil

My daughter is planning to backpack through Central and South America without an exact itinerary for a 6 months to a year.

1. Does she need to apply for a Visa for Brazil before she leaves home (Canada) or can she do it somewhere along the way once they know when
they are going to be there?

2. How does she provide proof of onward travel if she may not know when and how long she will be in one place. Might find she likes one place and stay for a month or may decide only a week kind of thing?

thanks for help.


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    I would not recommend any girl backpack through south america. Sorry.
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    in the US you get your visa and it is good for up to 3 mnths. if she isn't sure on her brazil dates i am not sure on how that would work. ask your embassy. I'd buy the rough guide to south america on a budget or lonely planet. it helped me out a lot. i am a single women and just got finish backpacking in colombia, the scariest of all countries (or so they say). i felt very safe! i have friends that have done all of south america and central america. just tell her to be cautious. to carry money in a money belt along with passport, credit cards and so on. email yourself a photo copy of all important documents: shot records, id, cc, passport, bc, voter regerstration, plus the international help # for lost and stolen things. don't pull out all your money in public. keep some small amounts in pockets for daily use. don't keep your bags- bus or taxi- where you can't see them, don't take candy, drinks, food from strangers. people have had their packs cut open- while below their seat on buses. i'd take antibiotics and drink bottle water. do what you see the locals doing. learn some basic spanish- please, thank you, chicken, water, bathroom, bus. be polite, and respectful. if feeling like a local man is to aggressive, surround you self with local women. agree on prices before getting in the taxi- metered or not. asked to see your room, bus, taxi, merchandise-before agreeing. reject things firmly, but still polite. ENJOY-
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