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Taking cash to South Korea from Britain

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My son is about to travel to South Korea to teach. My estranged husband has supplied him with £1000 worth of SK Won. The currency could fill a carrier bag - too much and too unsafe to take as hand/check in luggage. If he takes them back to the bank, could anyone recommend a better, safer alternative?


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    I too would be very interested to know. How much local and foreign currency should one carry on oneself? What about carrying US dollars also? Are there many money exchangers around Seoul or other parts of South Korea? Which is the better place to exchange or access your money accounts - money exchangers or banks or ATMs?
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    hello! i'm glad to meet you
    I'm korean and i want to introduce KOREA'S MONEY
    i don't know about brirain money about i'll tell you korea money with dollar
    korean money's name is won
    1dollar is 1200won
    ex) water is 500won
    bread is almost 1500won
    dish is 5000won-10000won
    hotel is 300,000won
    taxi is 10,000won
    brand cloth 40,000won
    bus is 1,000won
    subway is 1500~won
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