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Transfer between Mauritius Airport and Cruise Ship Terminal

We are flyng from London to Mauritius and need to get to the Cruise Ship Terminal. Is the best way by taxi or is there a shuttle bus?

Also are US dollars accepted?

Thanks for any help.


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    The airport is about 48km (30 miles) from the port. The quickest way is to get a taxi and it will cost the equivalent of roughly $150. There are buses every 60 mins going into Port-Louis. Once in the city it is easy to get a taxi on the harbour which on the verge of the city.

    Your cruise ship package may well include a transfer from the airport - especially if a number of passengers are arriving on the same plane. Give them a call to confirm.

    Dollars are not generally accepted as legal tender. Change your dollars for Rupees at the airport.
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    Thank you Battaglir. Transfers are not included in our package but will check with Costa line in case they are running a shuttle.

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    Hey campbek,
    My wife and myself will fly from london Feb 27.If we are in the same plane we can share same taxi to the port. $75 savings is not a bad idea. my e mail [email protected]
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    We are doing this in March with Costa. Would love to hear how it turned out for you.
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    Tazz I will try to remember when I get back.Cx
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    You can prebook taxi at
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    Thank you Emily, we have done that. Cx
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