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Nightlife in Agios Nikolaos

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I'm planning a trip to Agios Nikolaos in Crete in June with a few of my mates and I know it used ot have an amazing nightlife, but I was just wondering what it's like these days? Can anyone tell me if we'll still be able to go out smash it hard until the early hours, or has it turned into more of a couples resort where elderly people hang out? And what's the best bar or club to hit of we're looking for a good night out?

Looking forward to the feedback....


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    The simple answer is no. Agios Nikolaos is no longer a resort for younger people, and certainly not full of British visitors, as it used to be. Some bars like Sorrento and Aquarius do still keep up the tradition and are still good for a night out.

    Many guests in the town are now all inclusive and stay inside the hotels, which doesn't tend to make the bars and clubs busy.

    If you are planning a boozy holiday you might also find it very expensive, particularly around the lake and harbour areas. If you want clubs and nightlife it is no longer a good choice. Most clubs now play Greek rather than international music.
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    That's very disappointing to hear but thanks for the advice - you've saved me a lot of money. I'll be replanning this trip completely.
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    No problem. Pleased to be able to help. We met some clubbers who turned up there a few years ago and their local travel agent had described it as "the new Agia Napa". I would hate to think that anyone would have as miserable a holiday as they had.

    Remember that a lot of agencies and tour companies are only concerned with filling accommodation and taking the highest level of commission. Sometimes they just lie, pure and simple.

    Don't know how old your party is but you might consider googling Hersonnisos or Stalida (a.k.a Stalis), which has the clubs and bars in Malia almost next to it, but it would still be pretty quiet in June.

    If you do want to visit Crete, Platanias to the west of Chania or Platanes (confusing, huh?) to the east of Rethymnon might also be worth looking at. Rethymnon city itself is pretty vibrant but not a "bar crawl" type option.
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