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Tankwa Karoo - places to stay?

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I'm going to Die Mond in the Tanwa Karoo this weekend for a camping trip. Has anyone ever heard of it? Anyways, there's very little information about it on the Internet and I want to know what kind of facilities they have (eg hot water showers, plug points, shops, etc).
Has anyone been or does anyone know anything about this little jewel in the dust? since it's desert I'm preparing myself for hot days and freezing cold nights so I know what to pack clothes-wise but don't want to stuck without enough braai wood, etc if there's no shop.

Any info on Die Mond would be awesome!
Thanks, Y :-)


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    Don't miss the Afrika Burning festival which takes place in Tankwa this weekend (24-28 April)! It's kinda South Africa's answer to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada..
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    Hi Yolandie
    You must have been very surprized to find such beauty in the Tanqua Karoo. Hope you like photography. What a beautiful place. Yes there are showers etc. it is fantastic and what were you talking about dust?
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    Tankwa Karoo is amazing!
    To VChemie - lucky for me I do like photography! I think this place is best kept secret!

    I'd love to visit the Tankwa Karoo National Park too. The whole area is so beautiful in such an unconventional way.
    I'll be back!
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    Yes everybody , the Tankwa in South Africa is like the outback of OZ, but I do think 1000000% more beautiful. 250KM from Cape Town and mother nature made something unique , You can only find in the Tankwa, Sunrise,sunset,Stars Gazing , Koppies and Mountains , and plants and birds you only find there. Watch out for a new camping site on the map, close by Africa Burns , Die Mond and The nasional park, Bikers friendly and 4x4 Family friendly. YOU MIGHT JUST STAY LONGER !!!!
    Yes and Du Mond is a great place , it is just the turnof to the place that have a bad road so watch out) , REMEMBER The TANKWA is NOT for SISSIES

    Essentials , Always take WATER, at least 20 liters( It is a very dry place )
    HAT, EXTRA Spare ( That makes 2 at least )
    Hot in Summer , Cold in winter ( day ( 25Deg. Night down to -6 Deg and lower)
    Wood , Yes trees ase FEW.
    Fuel ( 1 Jerry wil do ) and 2 tins of oil.. spare fanbelt
    Longest Road between 2 Places in South Africa ( Ceres and Calvinia 256 Km )
    If you need a detailed list mail me
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    Is it better to see you during Afrika burns or when there are much less people there?
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    Hi David and all naturelovers
    You can see me anytime , lets make an appointment, because
    I see the Tankwa as a place where quiteness prevails , Where you can go for long walks , or just pedal on your bike,hear the wind , you can feel the sun , you can handpick the stars sitting next to the fire having your favourate drink , and you can see and feel something that is pure Tankwa, nowhere else in AFRICA you would ever experience it, The colours in Summer and the Flowers in Winter/spring is awesome , and that is when you realize that someone MUCH MUCH BIGGER than you and me or even an elephant was and is there , However this is what I see when I visit the Tankwa, HIS hand is near.
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