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Help me i need advice: scam?

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hi i need advice on something. A guy has asked me to come visit him in egypt, an all expenses paid trip and we will then get married but he says i need to email him my passport in colour is this a good idea? he says it is so he can transfer money so I can get over there?


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    Confused123 - you are going to be scammed. Sorry but I don't know how else to tell you this. Why does he want your passport to transfer money (to you)??? He only needs to get the cash and send it by Western Union. In fact why don't you suggest that to him, but I'm sure he'll come up with some reasons why he can't. Please be warned!!
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    This story is repeated in many posts on this and other forums: you are being set up for a scam, don't send any money, break off contact before its too late.
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    You are being scammed!! I went to see a guy who seemed to be so innocent and sincere last february and it was the biggest nightmare, I've had in my 33 years!! Here's my story:
    I have never believed in stereotyping before, but I just have to admit (after a very hard lesson) that I don't believe you can find any men with sincerety in Sharm el sheikh anymore. Here is my story...
    I had a holiday in sharm el sheikh last January with my 3-year old son. All we were looking for was sun, beach, dolphin shows and ice cream. Also I thought I would be very safe from all sorts of gigolos, since I had a small child with me all the time. I met Ahmed Nagah on our first day there, because we went out on the sea to snorkle on one of those diving boats and he was working there as a dive master. (he works for Bright Shark diving center at the beach of Royal Albatros Hotel in Nabq, Sharm el sheikh).
    I didn’t pay any attention to him on the boat except that he was playing with my son there all day, and he seemed quite young and shy. He overheard me asking someone else how much should I pay for a taxi to get to Naama Bay, because all the taxi drivers had been trying to rip us off badly until then. He offered to show us how to get to Naama Bay that night by a blue bus (local public transportation), because he was going there to do something else. When we were in Naama, he started to woo me very insistingly saying he fell in love with me as soon as he saw me. He seemed so very sincere and we had a lovely week together taking my son to different places. When i returned home, he called me everyday, repeating how much he loved me and needed me and how I have to come back to him, because he couldnt live without me. Where I come from you don't do things like that unless you really want to get to know someone, so I had no doubts in my mind, but thought, if he keeps calling me all the time just to hear my voice, he must really love me or at least be infactuated with me.
    I couldnt resist him very long and went back to sharm to see him in February for two weeks. This time without my son, because he kept saying how he wants to take me out every night and take me to different adventures during the day. I’m a single mom and I’ve never been away from him that long before. It was a really hard decision for me, but he filled my head with all sorts of promises of what we would do while I’m there, and I thought it would be better for my son to stay with his grandparents that time. He didn’t keep any of those promises and we didn’t do anything together during my second stay.
    To be able to stay in the same flat, we had to get married on paper (orfi). He promised I would get it back when I leave, but conveniently organized things so that we didn’t have time to get it back from the landlord before I left (he had the original one). Now I’m wondering if he can do something with it to get money or something from me. Please if anyone knows, let me know. I’m actually a bit scared because of this.
    After the first day he started to behave extremely distant and after that he was basically running away from me the whole time. He had lied to me on the phone that he would have a holiday for those two weeks, but was working every day for about 12 hours. That he blamed on his brother, who was his boss and according to him had denied his holiday a day before I came, because he was jealous. I ended up being alone the whole time (missing my son like crazy) and he has admitted now on the phone that it was a bet between him and his friend: whether he can make me come back or not. According to what he had sayed his friend told him that none of the European women ever come back, because they just want to have fun and use the Egyptian men. The ones that do come back must be a complete whores, and if I do come back to him he should use me sexually as much as he can and do nothing else for me. And that he did. He’s also admitted he didn’t love me but was saying it just to make me return to him (to win his bet).
    Well, I think it’s a bit obvious that those two weeks with him there were very akward, but he doesnt let go now. Still two months later now, he keeps calling, saying that even though he didn’t love me before, now he does and wants me to come back AGAIN so that he could fix everything!! He keeps repeating that it was a stupid game his friend set him up for and he regrets it and that I was his first victim. But what kind of a person uses another human being for 14 days just to follow some stupid game or a dirty old man's fantasy????? And if that is the guidelines that are handed to young starters in the game, how could there be any decent men in that enviroment?
    Obviously I’m not going anywhere and I have stated to him in SMS, email and on the phone several times that I don’t want to hear from him ever again and I have blocked his continuous facebook friend requests, but last sunday for example he called 9 times!! What on earth does he want from me and how can I make him stop. I hate his guts, but now he thinks that because he told me “the truth” everything is fine!!!????!!!!
    I’ve later come to realize that he lied to me about everything: his age, birthday (he conveniently had one when I was there in January - its actually in September), having no previous girlfriends, etc. Basically EVERYTHING you told someone when you get to know them
    After this all had already happened I learned from different sites from the net that this same thing has happened to thousands of European women.
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    Fragile heart - an orfi marriage is not a real marriage as you will know. It is a convenience for the man to have relations outside of official marriage. It means nothing and he can't do anything with it as far as I know. My advice is to stop your contact with him and how about changing your number, your email account etc. etc. This will stop him!! He wants money and perhaps a visa and that's all. I'm sorry that you are in this position but you are right, many women get the wool pulled over their eyes this way. I'm glad that you are strong and not believing him.
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    I will agree with Lesley, And that's the proplem with All Egyptian working in resorts . they usually have friends every day and they stay love them till the meet with another
    Some love money , some wants to travel and another need only desire
    But you still can find a good people but to be honest , only a few of them are good and would love to have a respective relation .
    I'm sure if you stop giving him any kind of hope , he will take time then he will stop
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    He can do nothing with the papers he holds,he did marry you just for SEX not for money...this was adultery from his was all about sex.
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    please be careful: Ahmed Talaat Mohamed! previously from Elite Tours, cairo. Currently running Manti Tours in Cairo.
    Very charming, charismatic, well mannered, friendly, helpful, educated man. Also the most devious, sly, cinnyving, fraudelent, dishonest liar EVER!!!
    He promise you the sun, moon and world if you can only help him to get through the economic crise, that he is a very rich man and MD of 15 companies. Shows proof...........You can not, not believe all he tells, until he needs to pay back..............
    He "stole" $22 000 - 00 from me. I have documentation to proof and all the mails and emails he promises payment without any success. I pray 24/7 for a miracle or help, advice how to get him to do what he's suppose to: PAY what he owes!!!! If I can get back what's mine... i'm willing to pay the one who helps me. AND we need to protect all the others to not be fooled and scammed by him.
    I am in such financial problems because of me trusting people and because I thought I am helping some one in real need. I am on the brink of loosing all I've worked very, very hard for my whole life. Any advice? please? can i report him? can i contact ony one? I do not have the means to buy a ticket to travel to Egypt.
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    from what I have heard, if you can prove in what ever country he owe's you money, receipts, court papers etc, it needs to be translated to egyptian given to the police were he lives, he will go to jail as they are not allowed to owe any monies to anybody any where in the world.They will me locked up until it's paid.
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    Don't distroy your life. You are for sure being setup for the scam. And the intention may be any thing including drugs, sexual abuse and escaping from Egypt to your country.

    If you don't belive on comments passed everyone here then google yourself and you will find un limited stories related to these scams. Check the websites of state department and take a specical note about the marrige scam on interent dating.

    Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and the list go on. All these countries have mafia setup within and abroad to bring lots of immigratnts. Please protect youself and protect us.
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    Need a little advise, I have a friend in Romania who has had a lot of bad luck recently. She met a guy on-line, from Finland. She was supposed to be flying over there to live with him. she has only known this guy for a month or so. A little dodgy I agree. however after claiming she was in love with this guy, a single father, she was due to fly over to him today. He has not asked for any money as far as I am aware, and is paying for the flight tickets for her to get to Finland. However she was due to fly today but had still not received any tickets, has no contact info for him, no phone number, when he has called his number is always withheld. No email address, and is never on-line to contact her. this man has briefly chatted tome on messenger though. And only talks about his plans to make my friend happy. I thought a first although parts of this sound dodgy, it may be genuine, surely good things do happen? however after the more i here the more i am convinced this is some sort of scam. if anyone has any thoughts i would be most grateful. thanks
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    wow, are you ever the opposite of intelligent....what should you do? well a good start would be to make sure that you never have children
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    Naima or anyone can you post some of websites you are referring to when you said "Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and the list go on. All these countries have mafia setup within and abroad to bring lots of immigratnts. " I have a terrible story to tell about what happened to me but it happened after Sept 11, in year 2002 in Egypt.
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    i met a man on line from egypt who asked me to send him money to keep him out of jail, if he owes 3000 dollars will the egyptian govenment really throw him in jail...confused
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    Deare Guest - don't be gullible please! You are being scammed - absolutely no confusion in that. Do not part with your money, and by the way he can't be thrown in jail. Cut off all communication with this one, believe me please............I know he has said beautiful things to you etc etc but he only wants your money
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    @ broken: Concerning Ahmed Talaat - the same happened to me. We had kind of a business relationship and then he asked for money. I transfered the money and have never seen it again. Do you have any contact with him or did he dissapear?! Incredible, I never did expect this, because he was so nice and everything seemed to be ok with him over many years.
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    I need help. What can I do about egyptian man i met last march. within 2 weeks i had sent him £1800 as he said he owed money for tax/insurance/phone for his business and he would go to jail if he did not pay.Is this true?Then i went to stay and he again asked for money as he had not paid whole bill and they were going to send him to prison this time£5000! Stupidly I paid,I really believe he loves me. Then He broke his leg we spent 2 month together(i paid for everything) I bought us a car and it was registerd in his name(he said i was not allowed to).I came home for two weeks he said he was doing funeral rememberance for his grandmother,however, on my return to egypt i found photos of his engagement!! i was going to leave then but he begged me to stay he loved me etc etc and he was forced to be engaged as his father made him sign contract years ago which he will now use to send him to prison if he does not marry.can that happen??? he sold car for really low price cos he used it for engagement and hated car. in meantime we applied for uk visa(refused) then schengen(refused). he persuaded me to buy another car and a business and car is in his name again and business there is no contract not even receipt for money(although in this case i think we have both been scammed) now he gets married soon and after all promises that we can make it work her in cairo me in sharm he has told me it will not work if i am in egypt only if i am in another country and he is here with me. His sisters and brother have met me and know about me they even accept i will be first wife, his parents do not know about me. i do not know legally where i stand . i have urfi marriage since march 2010 i have been to our best friends wedding and baby being born stayed as man and wife with their families who all live close by to his family. his brother has stayed with us and we clearly man and wife. what can i do. he does not want to marry her he wants to be with me he also wants out of egypt(he has lived in europe before)

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    To freckleface and all others with similar stories , I am so sorry for what happened for you all and this is so clear to be scam .
    On the other hand most of you didn't use your minds and you followed those liars !.
    i had sent him £1800 as he said he owed money for tax/insurance/phone for his business and he would go to jail if he did not pay.

    No one in Egypt goes to jail for a phone bill or insurance , or tax , that was so clear to be scam !.

    i was going to leave then but he begged me to stay he loved me etc etc and he was forced to be engaged as his father made him sign contract years ago which he will now use to send him to prison if he does not marry.can that happen???

    No , that can't happen , not in Egypt ! , and I think you should have asked anyone , and you should have asked yourself why he didn't tell you this by phone or via e mial before or while it was happening ?

    His sisters and brother have met me and know about me they even accept i will be first wife, his parents do not know about me. i do not know legally where i stand .

    How did you know they are his brother and sister ? how are you so sure they are not his parteners in scams ? and what you mentioned means you accept he will have a second wife ! , yes ? and where you satnd ? you just stand in no where , I think you have a long story which is really so clear to you ! , so what are you asking then ? .

    What man would fall in love with a woman and then ask for her money instead of supporting here ?

    what man would fall in love with a woman in few days then he asks her for ( Orfi ) marriage ?

    what man would fall in love with a woman and then ask here to take him out from his country ?

    Sorry ladies where were your minds ?

    I am so sorry but I think that became a regular story in such touristic areas in Egypt and many other countries ! I am sorry to say that the real reason was some of you ! ,why those guys can have a different woman each single day ?

    Find the answer then you will find your exit !.
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    Freckle Face - you are most definitely being scammed. You need to cut off all communications with him now. Under no circumstances should you marry him. Do you understand what an Orfi marriage is? It's not legal but just an excuse to have intimate relations with a woman. He is a bad person, his family is bad and are with him for your money and nothing else. You are being advised and warned. Take care
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    thats totally scam confused123
    he just want your money don't do that
  • Really its scam ...
    but i would like to tell you that you can find that in all over world not in Egypt only ...

    really the love come after long time ... but also can come very fast
    but love mean manytings together and he did not love you
    but he loved your money ....

    contact his parents and tell them your story ... i think it will be very hard for him when his parents know something like that

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    @ Poster,

    you have been scammed. you need to break up all contact with him, to avoid being wrecked.

    Scam Prevent.
    We offer Third Party Verification services in Nigeria and Ghana to prevent you from being scammed.

    We verify and confirm any business or personal offers you receive from Nigeria and Ghana before you part with your money.

    E.g. if it is online relationship, you may request us to take the picture of your online lover for you. to confirm if the person is actually who they are. We go to location based on details you provide to get official picture. E.g. if it is document, we verify it from the Relevant Agency for you and send you the information.

    Please note that we charge for our service depending on the location of your online contact you want us to verify for you.

    If you would like to use our service, send us an email : [email protected]

    If you know anyone who has received any offers (personal or business) from Nigeria or Ghana, do recommend our service, before they lose their hard earned money.
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    Hi everyone,

    Here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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    Can anyone tell me that urfi will be stop in Egypt now I Hurd who ever does it or has one can get a fine and go to prison is that true
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    I met this person online dating service. He has a passport from the US, and said he was in Ciaro to take good care of his mother. Once she was out of the hospital, he ask for financial assistance because mothers hospital bill was a lot more thatn expected and he did not have enough to get back to the US.
    I sent it, then he said the hotel took his passport saying he needed to pay them and needed money to update his visa.
    Now he says he has had an automobile accident and messed up his knee badly. He has been in the hospital almost 2 months and now says he needs money to pay hospital at least 1/2 the bill before they will even let him leave. Is this true?
    Also he said he has a check from his last job in the UK but cannot cash the check anywhere in Cairo. I suggested that he send it to me and I will deposit it in his account at his bank here for him.
    Now he tells me that Fedex will not let him send the check. That they scanned the envelope and saw a check in it and refused to ship it.
    Is this true?
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    Doughbting. I f you are US citizen you can sue him in US courts. And also report him to the US embassy in Egypt.And If you have all your receipts you have a strong case.
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    I would like to tell foreign women that come to Egypt,(or any developing country) not to get married, and not to give money to anyone that is more than $166= 1000LE. It is most likely a scam. Anything above that amount is used for their own personal benefit. A Person in Cairo works normally for $166 a month. This is a fact. An Engineer who is educated, which is .1% of Egyptians make only $500=3000LE a month. Also most Egyptians that are sent to Jail, are hard line criminals that kill, rap, sell massive hard drugs, are out to destroy the government or into terrorism. Its not like in the US were you go to jail for just punching someone, this happens all the time and no one goes to jail here in Egypt. Any US Citizen in Egypt has to follow US international Law. Therefore any US federal law broken in Egypt, by a US Citizen, i.e. Fraud, US Tax Evasion, Terrorism etc. Will be arrested no matter where they are in the world, of course depending on the seriousness of the crime itself. Please think before doing anything crazy. Also Marrying an Egyptian in order for him to gain a US Visa, Green Card, or Passport, is ILLEGAL BY US LAW. The Penalty is: $250,000 and maximum 5 Years in Federal US Jail. Link from US Homeland security: . PLEASE THINK BEFORE DOING ANYTHING CRAZY!
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    is this the same of men in tunisia, i have been talking to one for a month and he says he wants to marry me.
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    anyone who asks you for money for anything is lying
    if you are vulnerable and lonely then join a dating agency in your own country
    even if you are intelligent (fragileheart) you are still being fucked (both ways) if they ask you for money
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    Lulu - no they are cerebrally cleansed, i.e. anyone who is excessively thick is exterminated, think of it as evolution in action
    I welcome it DO YOU?
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    Tweedle - yes it's a scam. tunisian men are known for this!!
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    NEVER GIVE MONEY TO THE ONE WHO SAYS HE LOVES YOU!! He has to support you, not the opposite! Do not let him buy something on his name, car, house etc or do not believe him when he is saying he'll put it on your name later. Never give expensive presents! Never say that you have a lot of money or a beautiful car etc etc, do not let him think that you are rich... Do not pay bills that you cannot really verify. If he is not loving you, when you do not pay.... you are the one who knows best that you are buying him! Do not be stupid, do not think you can buy love. Be honest to yourself and most of the time you know yourself what is happening! 99% of the Egyptian men are living a difficult life, very low salary & no money to marry and get children (wedding is very expensive). Every Egyptian wants children... children are most important than anything else in life! Going abroad or marrying a Western woman is often the only way out. Marrying two women is completely normal and accepted. Sometime the Egyptian wife knows everything and accept for money! Your beautiful holiday-lover maybe has his family in his home-town or village! Be smart!!! I see too much stupid women, because I live in Egypt!
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    Dear BROKEN

    I just read your comment on Ahmet Talaat Mohamed owing you money and you trying to locate him! Please put down a contact number or an email address where I can forward you details on how to locate him. I know where he is and he tried to scam me aswell!
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    sure it is a scam
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    Dear Broken & GTO
    Are you able to give me more information on Ahmed Talaat Mohamed,of Elite Tours and ATL Tours?
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    I am in the process of signing a rental agreement with him.
  • Hi can any one give me more information on Ahmed Talaat Mohaned, I've been in business meeting with him with regards to his Tours,

    @Guest Can you please give me more information regarding the rental agreement with him.
  • I would also not recommend any one doing any business with ATL Tours Ltd (Pty), as they have failed to give any correct information about the company and at this point it looks like a scam to get money from the people of South Africa.
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    This thread has been closed due to a massive number of suspect posts by 'customers' of ATL Tours. As the company doesn't even have a website, I would hesitate to do any business with them.
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