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moving around in Egypt

edited January 2009 in - North Africa

I am planning a 7 day trip to Egypt, I would like to move using buses and trains. across Hurghada, Luxor, Cairo.
How difficult is to get tickets in buses or trains? what is this convoy rule?

Can I get a ticket just before the travel or need reservation.?



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    Hi Ram,

    you would be able to get tickets when you are in the stations, however there is no train to Hurgada, only buses either Super Jet or El Gouna if you are going to El Gouna right next to Hurgada and I would recommend it more than Hurgada.

    going to Luxor you will find trains, assuming that your center will be Cairo.
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    i'm planning a 7 day trip to Egypt, i want a good tour for visiting Alexandria and Cairo and i want to know how far between these 2 cities are?
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    Hi - the distance between Cairo and Alexandria is 225 Kilometers (140 miles).
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