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if banned from Schengen... can you have a flight connection through a Schengen Country?

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Dear friends,
I was hoping you could assist me with the following... a friend wants to be more time than is permitted in a Schengen state, and leave afterwards to England so he can take the flight to his home country in south america. The thing is, after leaving a Schengen state, they will probably know he stayed there more than he was supposed to and ban/fine him... and his flight home from england to southamerica has a connection with Portugal (a Schengen state). I am trying to advise him not to stay more time than is permitted, but he insists that he wont have any problems in Portugal (for example, they could send him back to England for beeing "banned" from a schengen state) because it is only a connection. Is what he says true?, because there isnt a hint of information regarding this in the internet...
In other words, if a person is banned from entering a schengen state, is he able to make a flight connection in a Schengen Country?, even though it is for leaving Europe altogether?

Kind regards,
Alfonso L.


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    In transit airports nobody will check his ID so he can travel via Portugal without fear.
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    SO, the friend hasn't actually been banned from the Schengen zone? I am curious; does anybody know anyone who has actually been banned from the Schengen zone for any visa problems; particularly overstaying a tourist visa?
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    I've been banned, 2 years for staying 6 months in Spain on tourist VISA instead of 3. I took a flight from spain to switzerland to turkey and was stopped in switzerland on my departure. $400 fine too.
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