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Apartments in Turkey and Greece

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Hi cl
Has anybody been to the club Aegean apartments in altinkum turkey and can you tell me what the area is like as this is where we are going for our holiday this year, we have been to Greece before and loved it, if anyone has been to them i would be gratefull to here from you


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    If you expect Turkey to be like Greece, you are in for a very big shock. Turkey is an Islamic country, Greece is Christian. The food is more middle eastern than mediterranean (although I quite like it) and you will probably be hassled continually by street hawkers and dodgy watch salesmen.

    Please read a good guide book before going to Turkey. It is easy to fall foul of local laws and public transport can be dangerous. Many people have a great time there, just as many people say that they will never go back again. I hope that you have a great time and it all works out for you.
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    if you are not looking for much comfort the place you have chosen is a right place.The nature is also satisfactory.

    Turkey is different than Greece it is true.
    But some warnings that Opapakias told didnot seem right to me.We are islamic but especially for touristic places you will never have problem to do what you want to do (drinking etc.also %50 of locals drink here including me ) .So you will not be shocked :)
    For burglary ; the crime percentage is very low in Turkey.So it is not more dangerous then any place in Europe.
    So may be you may find something more interesting than small white houses :) The dodgy watch salesmans are also not worse than the taxi drivers in Athens .
    you will be satisfied with nature & history in Didim.
    for more info you may visit
    Wish you a good holiday for wherever you may go ...
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    My first trip to Turkey in 1988 was to Altinkum. Every year since then I have returned to a different part of Turkey from Istanbul to Gallipoli down the west coast (Altinkum), Kusadasi, the Agean, Icmeler, Marmaris, Bodrum, the Med,Fethiye, Patara, Kalkan, Kas. Further east, Antalya, Side, Manavgat, Alanya and onto Ananmur. It's a wonderful country with some much history, Roman ruins everywhere and some of the most friendly people in the world. Altinkum (there are several of these names on maps) but I assume you're going to the Plaj (beach) resort which will have changed beyond recognition in the years, the fields of sunflowers may have gone and areas created for villas for sale but you will be assured of a warm welcome. True, bingo is frowned upon and British people have been fined for taking part. There are regulated offices where one can spend their money on gambling and ensuring contribution towards the government (tax) oh, it's just like the UK but different. My lasting memory of Altinkum was the young lad who was building an hotel opposite mine who waved at me every day and I returned the gesture. On one occasion walking down the main street I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was the same young lad who had followed me just to say, "hello."
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    We have travelled to Turkey on many occasions, completely falling in love with the place and finally bought our Place in the Sun Oscar C4 apartment in Ovacik in May 2008 after many years of searching and holidaying world-wide.
    I like you had travelled to virtually all the larger Greek islands love the people cuisine and the heat.
    True Turkey is unlike Greece - much better I feel.
    The landscape of the country is greener and lusher than Greece which at times appear very sun baked and barren.
    True the Turks and Greeks have a long history but put this aside and go to Turkey with a complete open mind.
    The people are all so genuine - first impressions is that they after something but all they are wanting is friendship the saying goe's "A friend for life not just for holidays" and we know this to be true from first hand experience.
    so remain polite and treat as you would be treated. I also find the call to prayer which resounds in the early morning to late evening kind of soothing and just adds to the ambiance.
    Another plus is the low crime rate - not once have we ever felt intimidated or threatened indeed quite the opposite. Our teenage daughter who is very beautiful loves the place also. She has loads of big brothers looking out for her and will never come to any harm.
    The food is excellent and relatively cheap and you will get loads for your money as Turkey remains outside of the Euro zone for the time being!! Alcohol of all description is freely available but imported drinks are slightly more expensive than locally produced drinks. Efes is a great larger and most of the home grown wines as good as any I have tasted.
    One piece of advice take loads of sun screen with you as these do tend to be expensive
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    I feel we struck gold when we booked this holiday. My husband and our two children {8and 16} stayed at Villa Kiydan in July this year, we had booked the holiday as a relaxing fortnight in the sun and thats exactly what we got. The apartmens,location and staff are fantastic with the added bonus of private boat trips on one of the two boats located here.

    Onur and his family really take good care of you and will move heaven and earth to make sure your holiday is the best it can be. Nothing is too much trouble from arranging the boat trips,days out,supplying more pillows or recommending restaurants.

    The appartments were clean safe and well stocked with equipment needed for a self catering holiday. The small retuarant on site caters for lunch time needs with Onur's mother cooking anything you want. She also likes to cook you at least one evening meal during your stay with other guests wich makes for a lovely evening.

    Mamut will take you out for the day on the boat and knows all the best spots to stop and swim he also cooks a mean BBQ with plenty of salad and a well stocked drinks box to accompany the meal. You can either share the boat with other guests or go on your own obviously its cheaper if more of you go but either way you have the beniftit of going when and where you like and avoiding the crowds of day trippers.

    In short this was a fantastic holiday which every single one of us enjoyed. The appartments are located in a quite spot but with in easy reach of night life if you require it but far enought away that you are not disturbed by noise or lots of coming and going.

    I intend to return in May with my sister, mother and our young childen for a girls getaway and we would all return again as a family. My 16 year old son also wants to return next year with a friend as he felt so safe here he would be happy to spend his first holiday without mum and dad at this location.
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    Has anybody been to the club Aegean apartments in altinkum
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    Hi has anyone been to the Esra apartments in Altinkum. We are a family going there in August with some friends and would like to know what to expect? thanks
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