Is Thailand safe?

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Thinking about going to Thailand at the start of a round the world trip. Someone told me it is getting unsafe and there were lots of riots in Bangkok - is it safe to travel in Thailand and Bangkok?? We also plan to go up to visit the hill tribes and Chiang Mai, then also down to the beach resorts down south. I assume its fine outside Bangkok - anyone been there recently who can advise??
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  • There were recently protests that closed down the airports that are now re-opened in Bangkok. Some violence has also occured between police and protesters. None of this has been directed towards tourists. State department warnings advise to be careful not to join protests. All of this is in Bangkok and in concentrated places, most tourist destinations within the city are completely safe to visit. Chiang Mai and beach resorts will be unaffected.
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    The only recent problem in Thailand was a New Year's Eve fire in a Bangkok niteclub (accidental), and none of the violence of last year was directed at tourists or extended beyond Bangkok. Thailand's tourist destinations are as safe today as before the unrest; if you practice normal travel caution and awareness there shouldn't be any issues and your trip will hopefully be as enjoyable as planned!
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    Being a Thai myself, I would like to say that right now BKK is pretty safe for tourists to come and visit. The weather is very nice (it's like spring season in some of Western countries) as for the politics issue I would say it's getting better now comparing to closing the airport last Dec. So I would say it is one of the best places in Asia just to relax eat and shop!
    We also have northern cities (Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Mae Hong Sorn) and beaches (Phuket, Samui - famous for its full moon party, Hua Hin, Pattaya)
    Welcome to Thailand.
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    Hi there,

    I am planning to come to Thailand (not for partying) but with my family as a destination to relax ......... i know Bkk is very crowded, but apart from bkk - what are the other decent places one can visit with family members - which is not very crowded as well.

  • There are many uncrowded places in Thailand and it really depends on what else you want. For example a less crowded city is Chiang Rai in the north. Close to that is Pai a little relaxing mountain town with a big tourist infrastructure. Bangkok is crowded but there are relaxing things to do in the city as well, spas and river cruises. Of course there are the islands of which the less crowded ones are a bit harder to get to but all of them should be relaxing. Write back for more specific info.
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    I'm planning on heading to Thailand for a month in the Summer, and I was wondering if I should book now, or if, due to the possibility of violence, I should wait? I'd really like to book it now so I can prepare but I'm worried that it would be a big risk seeing as it seems so unstable.. Is the situation likely to change by June?
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    I'm Thai and live in Bangkok, I'd like to tell u that everything is ok now, so no worries about riots. When will u plan to be here ? Im not sure abt the weather in the north but this period is nice for travel to the south of Thailand.

    well, im not an expert but at least i can help u find some basic information and give u some advice.
    this is my email
    any problem u want to know, feel free to add me ^^

    welcome to Thailand ;P
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    I would like to visit Thailand but have been told that the humidity is really high. As I am a teacher I am limited to travel - end of Sept & Begin of Oct or End of Dec & Jan. Any advice for beating the humidity?
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    Avoid September and October for this has the highest rainfall - at least in Bangkok. Dec and Jan is ideal and dry in Bangkok, although at night in the north it can get chilly.

    Most accommodation has efficient air conditioners, so no real problem.
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    all i want to know is when storm season is in thailand...
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    Hi i am heading to Thailand on my honeymoon in August and was wondering if it is safe to travel to after the recent violence
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    Thailand is safe, and still a great place for a honeymoon.

    Ferrari - in answer to your question, the stormy season, or monsoon, is over September and October, although this is still a good time to visit.
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    How about traveling to Thailand in April last week?
    How is the climate during this period of time?
    Hope it is not too hot and a spending a week will be memorable there..
    pls comment..
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    I will be travelling to Bankok in the beginning of June this year. How is the weather in June?
    Do you have any recommendation for accomodation? Preferebly not so expensive.
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    Thailand and by extention Bangkok is safe.
    authorities advice you never join in the protests.
    tourist areas in BBK and other tourist circuit are safe for tourists.
    the tourist police and foreigners safety is guaraneeted and is no caise to worry.
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    Thailand is all good and i my friends has just visited the place and they said that there were lots of tourists in Bangkok.
    Nothing has affected thailand not even the recession.
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    I can help for southern part, Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Khaolak
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    I am coming to thailand in May this year! (Excited....erm, yes!) Me and my friend are going to Bangkok first, then to Chaing Mai, then probably down south to Samui and maybe Phi Phi. Are there any other really good places to go that I shouldn't miss?

    Louise xx
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    hi. i am cuming to thailand at the beginning of june and would like to know what the weather is like in bangkok and hua hin? and what there is to do in hua hin?
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    A friend and i have travelled to Thailand a few months back. Its very safe, you can walk around late at night. In bangkok, you can do a thai cooking course, loads of shopping, you can visit the night market, floating markets etc.Phuket is also a great beach destination- you can go elephant trekking or visit one of the many island trips that are available or go for a thai body messsage.
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    a few of my girlfriends and i planned to visit bangkok this coming late may but my parents are not very keen of this idea. they have told me that due to the political instability and constant riots happening, it's not safe at all to go. can anyone assure me that it's not that dangerous?
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    we are visiting Thailand this April 8, 2009, we hear news about the political unrest. we would like to ask if it is safe to visit Bangkok, Thailand?
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    I am planning to visit Thailand in the end of May. Is it safe?
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    11 of us have booked our flights to Bangkok on April 16-19, is it safe for us to go there. It is only a few days away........pls give us some advice. Thank you very much.
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    As of today, Bangkok is in a state of emergency. You are advised not to travel there.
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    going thailand end of april is it ok to travel,i know gove say not to travel but talk to some people in thailand say its not as bad as western new make out,anyone tell me wots it like .thanks
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    If there is a state of emergency it was put there for a reason. Anyone taking there family on holiday should reconsider.
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    I was born in Thailand , my advice is you don't have to flight to Bangkok now is very serious situation but you can fly from USA to other cities like if you are going to south of Thailand, like Phuket or Haadyai, totally avoid Bangkok now, or if possible change your plan go another time. I know if you want to go to Thailand first thing is you have to go to Bangkok coz it is a capital of Thailand but now very dangerous if you go there. Well my suggestion is you should go another time.
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    Is it safe for honeymooners travelling on 19th - 25th to Bangkok and Phuket.
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    we have plans to visit Bangkok and Phuket on 5th may to 10th May. any speculation will the unrest be over by that time. or shall we change our plans.

    Thanks in advance for the information.
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