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Meeting point in Milan Central station

edited May 2010 in - Italy
I need to meet someone in Milan Central station (we're coming in at Malpensa and Linate). If our cell phones don't work, is there a prominent place to meet, preferably one where one of us can sit down for a while if the other is late?


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    Hi Roy, The issue right now is that they are busy renovating the station which adds a bit of additional flavour to the normal hussle chaos. The best sit down restaurant was in the right hand corner as you look at the platforms. I would suggest that you arrange to meet on the very last platform on the right hand side and take it from there. It is possible that the restaurant/bar has been closed. If you want to sit at a table, you cannot order from the bar and take your drink to the table as the cost of table service is around double (but worth it if you have a wait on your hands). Be aware of pickpockets and watch your luggage as the prowlers are always there....
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