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Costs of living in Thailand

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I am headed to Thailand for an 8 month volunteer job and i was wondering what is the cost of living there. they give you a figure but from experience its never applicable. Any help. They are providing food and board so i am curious about like self shopping you know basic needs-how much a month approximately?


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    Pattie - here is a useful guide to cost of living in Thailand. It includes a table of what everyday things cost, including accommodation.

    Check out the rest of the guide while you are there - from our sister site Expat Arrivals.
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    Good website David, I think it's pretty spot on
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    Thanks Rambler. Interested in becoming an Expert and contributing some pages to Expat Arrivals?
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    Since you are getting food the cost will not be very high, on transport buses are very cheap, without air-con 3.5 baht anywhere in the city, with air-con prices range from 6-16 baht depending on distance. Smaller 'micro-buses' charge a flat fare of 20 baht. Telephone cost Within Bangkok they are very cheap, Apr. 5 baht per call from an apartment block. However surcharges on overseas calls from apartments can be very high - anything up to 150 baht per minute. Discount calling cards are available for international calls. If you are planning to make a lot of international calls within Thailand I would recommend buying these.Clothing
    Thailand has a wide range of makes, both local, imported and pirated are available with prices often relative to quality and/or brand name. As in any other city in the world prices vary widely with where you buy!
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    I have been very lucky to have stayed at VResidence four times over the past month totalling over fifteen nights. I have been to many hotels and serviced apartments in Bangkok and this is by far the most superior. Large rooms all new, super super clean, located three minutes walk from Emporium and BTS, and most importantly the best staff one could ever meet. A lovely breakfast with your own personal chef to make what you want. A modern business centre that works. Highly secure. I would not stay anywhere else in Bangkok, I just hope the wrong type of tourists don't take advantage of this excellent accommodation. I will only recommend this apartment group to friends and relatives.
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    1000 us dollars will be Okay.
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    HI Guys,
    I am moving to Pukhet soon for work. I'm a civil Engineer and the package offered is $7500 USD plus accom.p.m. Is this a reasonable salary? I've worked all over Africa but never in Asia. I am a bit of a party animal and enjoy SCUBA diving, SKY diving, gym etc. Will I be able to enjoy all of this and yet still have a good lifestyle/
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