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I'm Canadian Egyptian, my wife and son are Canadian

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Hi there,

I'm Egyptian with Canadian citizenship and my wife and son are Canadian. We are planning to visit Egypt this Summer. MY question here and hope someone can help me with the answer is that do my wife and son need a visa to entry Egypt? I know that since I'm Egyptian so I don't need a visa but do they even though they are my family? I heard if I show the marriage certificate and my son's passport with his last name matching mine then we can waive the fees, is that true?



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    I'm Egyptian and my wife is british , my daughter is Britsh passport but she has an Egyptian birth cerificate .
    We don't pay Entry Visa , as my wife has resident Visa and my daoughter has Egyptian certificate.
    You have to pay Visa for your wife , and if you have any document show that you daughter is an Egyptian ( birth certifcate or Passport ) then you don't need otherwise you have to pay entry Visa

    If you need any more assistance you may contact me [email protected]
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    The Visa is for the non Egyptian...the question is easy...are they Egyptians??,.,,,they are not Egyptians, as the previous poster said, i think you will pay for both of them unless you have a paper to tell that your son is Egyptian ...
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    Candaian, British, Americain, Australian, Spanish, Italian, Russian, ...holding passports can get the entry visa to Egypt once they arrive at Cairo Airport for 15.00 USD Per Person
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