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Honeymoon in Italy

edited January 2009 in Europe
Hi :-) My fiance and I are thinking of going to Italy for our honeymoon and I keep thinking of the movie 'Just married'! Is it really like that? I would love to go to Venice, is it as romantic as it looks? What other places/sites should we consider? And what is the best time of year to go to Italy? So many questions... but I would really appreciate any first-hand advice. Thanks


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    I don´t know that movie you´re talking about, but if it´s a movie about Venice, there should be any Venice-stereotype included. If you are referring to the gondolas with the guys that are singing for the couples while rowing. It´s exactely like that. Markus-Plaza with the thousends of pigeons - yes! Drinking a café in a random narrow alley - maybe again someone singing for you... that´s all like it.
    Once in the region, you should think about seeing Florence. In my opinion -from the cultural point of view- Florence has more to offer than Venice. And this little village in the provonce of Siena called San Giminiano - gorgeous!!! Entering this village is a trip back to the middleages. And enjoy tuskany landscape, go for a trek, have a Vernaccia (white wine) at a wineyard you'll come across ;-)
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    thanks so much for your response! is italy terribly expensive? say, compared to london? just wondering for the basic stuff like food etc.
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    I don´t know the prices in London, because I´ve never been there - and it´s been a while since I did the last Tuskany trip, but I remember trying to not eat in a restaurant too often. I tried to buy things at local markets sometimes. In the city center restaurants near sights -especially in Venice but also in Florence- prices for a simple meal are definitely very high. Better not order without having seen the menu to avoid unpleasant surprises. Try to check restaurants and cafés where locals go - you´ll recongnize those. The less tourists you see in a street, the lower the prices! Haning out with locals is a better opportunity to pick up a bit of "dolce vita" anyways... About accommodation: check the internet. Can´t say because I mainly did camping outside the city centers.
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