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visa from Nigeria to the US

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I have a friend from Nigeria, Lagos, who would like to come to the US.. but I am getting strange vibes on this one... He is saying that the visa requirements are have before his interview, a paid for ticket to the US, and around 7k in his account... and to send my bank statements to the visa office, which happens to be a travel agency. This is to show that his intentions are valid and that I as a US Citizen am able to take care of him... He is calling the extra money a travel allowance...


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    a paid-for ticket is never in the requirements for the issuance of the US visa and the visa office will never be a travel agency.

    All you need do is send him an invitation letter, attaching the data page of your US passport, your bank statement and any other supporting document that would convince the visa officer that you have sufficient funds to take care of him for the duration of his stay, that he would have no recourse to public funds, that he would not seek employment and would definitely return to Nigeria at the expiration of his brief stay in the US.

    On his part, he would need to get a travel insurance (very easy to procure and not expensive), his own proof of sufficient commitment in Nigeria that would necessitate his return to Nigeria. Outside of these, just beware! you might be on with a scammer!
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    deng1, if you know this friend personally, you probably know what are you doing, but if you meet your friend online, this is more then scammed, I did have the same experience and I was totally scammed.
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    U.S. visa appointments are notoriously scarce and are snapped up as soon as they become available. Generally it can take anything between 6 to 10 weeks to obtain an appointment at one of Nigeria’s U.S. Consulates. We are a private agency – our expertise, contacts and experience with the government visa appointment system means that we provide a fast, reliable and easy way to obtain your visa interview.

    get reliable information on how to get an appointment with US embassy Visa appointment system here ( or call Austine on 08038336012 for more details
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    Scam Prevent.
    We offer Third Party Verification services in Nigeria and Ghana to prevent you from being scammed.

    We verify and confirm any business or personal offers you receive from Nigeria and Ghana before you part with your money.

    E.g. if it is online relationship, you may request us to take the picture of your online lover for you. to confirm if the person is actually who they are. We go to location based on details you provide to get official picture. E.g. if it is document, we verify it from the Relevant Agency for you and send you the information.

    Please note that we charge for our service depending on the location of your online contact you want us to verify for you.

    If you would like to use our service, send us an email : [email protected]

    If you know anyone who has received any offers (personal or business) from Nigeria or Ghana, do recommend our service, before they lose their hard earned money.
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    I,m A Nigerian,I just Receive Invitation Letter From My Friend In The United State.In The Invitation Letter He Wrote That He Will Take Care Of Everything Including Bank Statement,ETC..What The Next Step To Take I Already Got The Invitation With Me?Am I Going To Pay Sum Certain Amount Of Money To Get Visa When I Get To The US Consulation In Lagos?PLS anybody Help Me Out
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    Hello sir/ma,
    How are u? Hope u are doing great? i have a friend of mine, who lives the U.S, and will like me to come visit him in the state, please what are the require document t he need to send to me to get a Visa To travel to the state, i will most happy if u can send this information that i need to travel , have a blessed day,
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    I wanted to know if theres a way of finding out if all the visa and id of a person from nigeria is real-been looking to find visa and id picture-but no luck-i been dating this person almost 2 years on here and plan on buying a ticket for travel here to usa-is buying online and having ticket at airport maybe the best way from not getting scammed-i think for sure she is real-just never know with everything i read on internet-any sugestions would be great
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    if u are not sure of the person inviting you over then jst book an apartment or hotel as its the best option u dnt reaaly need to have a lump sum of money but a lot of ins and outs i mean transactions most times they dont even check these documents its ur story that really matters and pls dnt say u are goin for business i saw this wen i went for mine many pple will apply for a visitors visa and yet say they wana buy some stuffs to sell that requires a business visa and be honest they didnt chk any of my documents all they asked for was my purpose of travelling and the kind of job i do thats all and i got the visa,,, best of luck
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    If there is a US citizen over in Nigeria right now and has been there for over a month and wants to get back, his passport is all he needs, correct to get on plane? He was there on business.
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    Hi my soon to be husband want to get married in Nigeria
    Then come back to us what does he need to allow him to come back with me after we are married an to work in us
    Second? Is what would he need to do an have to come to us. An what would he need from me
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    I have a fiance in Nigeria and he is wanting to come to the US to marry me but he says he needs $10,000 for his visa. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is 25 and I am a certified US citizen since birth. I need to know if he is telling me the correct amount?? I am just curious...?
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    Sadie, you're being scammed. Don't send him any money.
  • Hi there I met this guy online he is from Nergiria. He is planning to come down to South Africa. We planning to get married next year. He also ask me to send invitation letter to able for him to come to South Africa. But I don't know what to write in this letter. Pls help
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    Hi, I am based in the US, I met this nice guy online. He's from Nigeria. Although I am not unawares of the notorious nature of some nigerians in scamming. I have beenn able to prove that this guy am dating is a true nigerian. He is also a minister of the gospel. As a matter fact, it took me a while to get him to change his mind to relocate to the United state. He prefers to stay in Nigeria and will not even accept any money I have tried to send to him. I am fully confident of this guys as we have had several video chats; I have been opportuned to chat with is family on the video and he mine. The challenge we have now is that, after accepting to come to the united state, we encounter all these hype of the US Embassy denying Nigerian Visas to the US; Please I'd be most grateful if I can get an expert advice on how I can sponsor my baby to the US. I hope to read comments on this. Thanks
  • Latrish, you are NOT dating you are chatting on line with a complete stranger who you know nothing about only what story this man and his family tells you. You have proved nothing.

    Just like many women desperate for love and attention you have deluded yourself that you are in a relationship with  this man. You are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Do you think that the US Embassy has never encountered ridiculous women like you who want to sponsor their "baby" who have only met on Skype to enter the United States. 

    Have a look at this site for the advice you need , but before you do take off your rose tinted glasses and smell the coffee
  • Latrish,  first of all ignore Alethia,  she obviously hasn't a clue.  

    I will provide you with the information.  Since you can both afford it, why have you not gone to meet him and spend time with him in person.  Honestly, this is what is will take over a 1-2 year period to get him here.  This is what it took for myself and my husband.  Best man I ever meet and I do not have one regreat marring him. He treats me like a queen in so much as he respects me, what I have to say, my feelings, everthing I've ever wanted and more.  So If it's real, you're going to have to make a few 24 hour (each way + from so cal) trips.  Enjoy and good luck

  • Actually, Alethia is giving sound advice. If you look through a few of the longer threads in this forum you'll see hundreds of stories like this that end with regrets and a lot of debt. 

    I'm glad that you're situation worked out, but these scams are very common so it's only prudent to be wary in situations like this.
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    Thank you Anya K. 

    cnickie sorry to say your very wrong  I do have a clue. I have been an immigration and human rights lawyer for many years and I have seen numerous clients who have been ripped off by their "baby" Some have even married their foreign partner bought the to live in the United Kingdom, only to have their home, life savings etc robbed by the spouse who they thought adored them.
  • Hello, I need advice. Am a Nigerian, I recently got back from United Kingdom back to Nigeria in February, I am presently looking for a job, In the mean time, am looking to visit my Uncle in USA, I have never been there. He is going to stand as my sponsor. But while gathering documents, i was advised that I might be rejected because am not working at present. I will like to know if this is true.
  • Hi, I've just posted that you need to check the procedure step by step here
  • Hey guys.. I'm a medical student studying in ukraine. I ll be coming to nigeria to apply for a Tourist US visa. I've a good travelling experience.. I've been to the UK, Netherlands, Italy and France.. The question is what's the probability that I'm gonna get a US tourist visa. Trust me I've been wanting to apply for a tourist visa since last year. I've been scared.. Need ur sincere advice please. No rippers please Coz I won't contact you. *peace.
  • Sjvictor, no one can predict if you will be granted a visa for the US. You would also require visas for  the UK  and countries in the Schengen area, if you did not overstay the allotted period of your visits you will have a good immigration history which could assist your US visa application.

    As for being scared to apply for the US visa, I would be more afraid of studying for a medical qualification that is not recognised.
  • Hello every1 please I am allison by name base in nigeria I want to travel to america too work for a while and enrol for technical school but the problem am having is just invitation latter please can anyone help me out or is there any other way I can do it?my mobile num is +2348172767953 or +2348131873706 thanks
  • And what kind of visa am I to apply for
  • You cannot go to the USA to work and study because someone sends you an invitation. 
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    Pls alethia,I av a fiancee in US,who's tryin to invite me over dere,what re d tins she needs to send me for me to get from nigeria,pls reply me as soon as possible
  • Here is the information you require to apply for a B2 visit visa
  • Please, i am Alex from Nigeria but living in Dubai, i have a fiance in US.who is trying to invite me over there in US for her birthday party, i was invited last year but been denied in Lagos for not having strong ties and my fiance has came to visit me in Dubai once and now she insisted that i must come for her birthday party in US this year. please what is needed of me this time to prove my strong ties.
    (N.B) the last interview goes this way, have i met my fiance face to face and the answer then was No cos by then we have not met but we finally meet this year in Dubai and the second question was have i travelled out from Dubai before and the answer was yes, i went to kenya for a visit. that was all. no document checked and i was denied..please i need your help..thanks.
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    It is almost impossible for a single male Nigerian to be granted a visit visa. Your fiancée needs a reality check
    if she thinks it is so easy for you to go to the US. She will be the one doing the visiting.if she wants to be with you.

    Apart from African countries and couple of tiny nations Nigerians need a visa for every country.

    Twice you have been refused a US visa so it will now become even harder to apply and you will most certainly be refused. You will also have to mention these refusals if you apply for a visa for any country such as the Schengen area.
  • Hi Alethia,

    You give very good advice and information. Thanks for the links you have provided. They are very helpful and now I know for sure Im not being scammed. And also thanks to the link that Azimed provided. It help with double-checking some info.
  • Dude its rule that 7k is in your account and i think no one can do anything on it because its GOVT rule and if you have any doubt then go the embassy and confirm it..
  • I've never heard of that rule...
  • Jerry222, there is no such rule from any government,stop making things up.
  • I need to know if anyone has any advise. I met my husband online from Nigeria I'm in US we started video chatting in late Nov. In Jan we started talking about marriage and in Feb I told him I would we did not set a date but I did plan a trip on my vacation to met him in May. When I was there in May we got married 5-22-14 and are in love. He did not want to come to US until after completing college so I waited to file for him until Aug I received my Recpt in the mail Aug 29, 2014 for the I 130 form I filed. I was told after not seeing any progress on the Web site for 45+ days that my case is pending and will be another 100 days before they even start processing it. Is there anything I can do to speed it up and have him home for Christmas. He tells me to be patient but I am not a patient person and miss him so much. There isn't a day go by we don't text or talk 2 to 3 times a day. And he is not asking me for money.
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    Hi Texasgirl, there is nothing you can do to speed up this process,in fact you are only at the begining and have a long way to go. Your husbands application can take up to one year to process depending on the USCIS office. At the beginning of this year waiting times were as long as fifteen months but USCIS are trying to bring the time to under one year. You also have more fees to pay.

    You must wait for the 1130 to be approved, if it is approved , the form will be sent to National Visa Center where an immigrant visa number will be issued. When the visa number is issued your husbands documents and visa number will then go to the US Embassy for consular processing. Your husband will be given an appointment for an interview at the Embassy. After that the final decision is with USCIS to grant the visa or not. 

    As for your husband not asking for money. If he gets to the good old US of A he will have hit the jackpot, every male Nigerians dream ! 
  • please i am in turkey with my wife and my child we are nigerians want to come back to our country and apply for a us tourist visa. I am 30 and my wife is 26 and my child is just 6 months old. 
    Can we be granted a us tourist visa?
  • Ciomy, here is the US website for applications from Nigeria. It gives step by step instructions on how to apply.
    As for your question "Can we be granted a US tourist visa"  .....  no one here can answer that question. Only the US embassy can respond once you have applied and been interviewed.
    Good luck. 
  • I am a U.S. citizen I've met my fiancé online we skype everyday we have become very close. I am visiting him this April in Nigeria and we are talking about getting married. He has no desire to live in the U.S. I have decided to teach abroad so I will be leaving the U.S. to reside with my new husband where I am placed. How long does the marriage certificate take to get after ceremony so that I can bring back to the U. S. to change my name? As well as how can one do a background check on someone in another country?
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    A Nigerian who does not want to live in the US, Europe, Australia etc , do not exist in my experience. 

    In answer to your question about the marriage certificate,there are 4 types of accepted weddings in Nigeria, Islamic, Customary, Church Wedding and  Civil marriage performed in a Register Office. Only the Civil Marriage is recognised outside Nigeria when a marriage takes place between a Nigerian and a Foreigner. A copy of the marriage certificate is given imediately after the ceremony.

    You know nothing about the culture in Nigeria and it can be a very dangerous place for foreigners and if you have to do a back ground check on a man you want to marry its a very sad affair. Nigeria is so corrupt you can not rely on any background check or documents anyway

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